Although Verizon is known for its hard-to-break bootloader on its devices, talented minds of the Android development community are simply good enough to find other ways to get it unlocked. That got proved for one more time when XDA members AdamOutler, Ralekdev and Rebellos teamed up and unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-i605) bootloader.

The team of developers uploaded a video tutorial explaining step-by-step the process to unlock Verizon Galaxy Note 2 bootloader. They also showed how to install TWRP recovery to flash ROM as well as other advanced recovery related tasks.

The process involves flashing Revision ROM as an Odin package, running cross platform CASUAL script and then again flashing a custom bootloader and TWRP recovery using Odin. The users must note that they are required to boot back into ROM since they won’t get LTE back until CASUAL completes and confirms the unlock.

The users have to use Odin twice and both the time they require a PIT file along with flashable TAR file.

Below is the tutorial to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But there are some vital aspects to consider before that:

- Don’t use this tutorial on any other device except on Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605.

- Do not flash anything with a sboot.bin after completing this process. This may either relock your device or render it inoperable.

- The users must note that IBTimes will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. They should proceed at their own risk.

Files Needed

Revision ROM Odin Package

CASUAL Exploit

Insecure Bootloaders

Pit Tool for use in every Odin flash

Odin 3.07

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Install the PIT file & Revision ROM Odin Package

Step 2: Run the CASUAL Exploit

Step 3: Hit the reset button in Odin

Step 4: Install the PIT file and Suck It Verizon Insecure Bootloader+Recovery

[Source: XDA Developers / Android Jinn]

Check out the video below: