Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Is Here: Details On International Availability on September 25 2013 9:53 AM

It's official. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now available in several markets worldwide.

During the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 3 early this month, Samsung said that it would initially be available in 149 countries; however, Korea's Yonhap News says it is currently available in 58 countries. That number is expected to rise to 140 countries by the end of October.

Several Samsung approved UK retailers and carriers are offering the Note 3 in three color options: white, black and pink, priced at £649 ($1,043) unlocked. It's also available on nearly all of the major carriers, starting at around £30 on a traditional contract, according to Engadget. Those who sign up for a new early upgrader tariff agreement can get the phone for free, it said.

Indeed, some independent retailers are already offering discounts on the handset. Carphone Warehouse is selling an unlocked Galaxy Note 3 for £629.95, while Expansys has it for £619.99.

In Germany, Samsung is selling the Galaxy Note 3 on Amazon for €759.

In France, Samsung is selling the Galaxy Note 3 on Amazon for €712.

In the Netherlands, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is selling for €600 unlocked and on several carriers at varied prices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also on sale in Hong Kong and China, according to Android Authority; the Note 3 can also now be found in India and Taiwan.

Samsung’s native South Korea has the Galaxy Note 3 available at the SK Telecom Co., KT Corp. and LG Uplus Corp mobile carriers.

While Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note 3 wouldn't be available in the U.S. until October, the overseas retailer Negri Electronics ships internationally and has unlocked Galaxy Note 3 U.S. handsets available for $769.50.

Those who are content with waiting will be pleased to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available in the U.S. in early October.

AT&T will have the handset on Oct. 1 for $299.99; T-Mobile will have the Note 3 on Oct. 2 for a $199.99 down payment; Sprint will have it on Oct. 3 for $349; and Verizon will have the Note 3 on Oct. 10 for $299.

Other countries expected to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in October include Canada, Japan and Australia. In Australia, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to sell for $888 unlocked.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear companion device is also available separately or sold in a bundle with the Galaxy Note 3. Prices vary depending on the country, retailer and carrier.

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