Some of the first design details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have surfaced, suggesting that the device might be the same size as its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.

GSM Arena obtained a document on Tuesday, which indicates that the Galaxy Note 4 may feature a 5.7-inch display; however, the Note 4 may be outfitted with a higher-end QHD display with a 1440x2560 resolution as opposed to the Full HD 1920x1080 resolution display that has been implemented onto several previous Galaxy models such as the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3.

The document pairs the model number N910 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4; the full number, SM-N910, was first proposed by tech informant Evleaks, who detailed last week that the device would be offered by the carriers AT&T (NYSE:T), U.S. Cellular (FRA:US7) and Sprint (NYSE:S) in a 32GB internal storage option.

If true this would be the first time Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (NASDAQ:SSNLF) has not increased the display size of a new flagship device. Handsets in the Galaxy Note series typically increase in display size by 0.2-inches each generation, GSM Arena notes; the original Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch display, while the Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5-inch display and the Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7-inch display. Maintaining the display size of the Galaxy Note 4 could be a plus; the unchanged display size coupled with new display technology would increase the pixel density of the screen, making images sharper and colors truer. The 5.7-inch Full HD display on the Galaxy Note 3 is 388 pixels per inch (ppi) but if the Galaxy Note 4 featured a 5.7-inch QHD it would have a pixel density of 515.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Background

In January, Bloomberg spoke with Samsung's executive vice president of mobile business, Lee Young Hee, who revealed that the next Galaxy Note would utilize a “new form factor,” likely a curved or three-sided display, which would allow uses to read messages from an angle. It is not yet confirmed that the Galaxy Note 4 will in fact feature a three-sized display. However, like other devices in the Note series, the Galaxy Note 4 should include S Pen stylus. The Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to be water and dust resistant likes that Samsung Galaxy S5.  

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be unveiled and released in the fall. Though it is still too early to confirm, it is likely the Galaxy Note 4 may be unveiled at or around the IFA Expo 2014 in September, just as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other predecessor Note devices were. The Galaxy Note 3 was announced on Sept. 4, during one expo’s press preview days. The IFA Expo 2014 will take place Sept. 5 to 10, and the Galaxy Note 4 could similarly see a launch in the days preceding the trade show.

Notably, the late-February unveiling event for the Samsung Galaxy S5 was called Samsung Unpacked 2014: Episode One. Episode Two will likely be the unveiling event for the Galaxy Note 4 later this year; Samsung similarly named its unveiling events for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 last year, Samsung Unpacked 2013: Episode One and Episode Two. The Korean manufacturer is known for being quite predictable in its flagship launches.

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