Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3, is undeniably the most powerful Android smartphone currently available in the market. It's one of the most popular handsets among consumers too, with more than 10 million units sold in just a couple of months since its release.

The South Korean tech giant put a lot of effort to make sure that the device is least affected by its ongoing legal battle with rival Apple. The Galaxy S3 is indeed said to be designed by lawyers so as to keep away from any patent infringement issues from the iPhone-maker.

As Redmond Pie noted, Apple's claims against Samsung involved smartphones with a form factor that include a rectangular shape, uniformly rounded edges, a front surface dominated by a display with black borders with equal spacing and so on. In a bid to combat that, the Galaxy S3 comes with corners that are not uniformly rounded, borders surrounding the display that are not equally spaced and a front that isn't dominated by a display having black borders.

As we all know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes only in Pebble Blue and Marble White.

However, rumors about a black Galaxy S3 gathered pace last week. And now, a new report from Phandroid Monday apparently confirmed that the black-colored Galaxy S3 is indeed going to be a reality sooner than later.

Phandroid reported, citing sources at UK retailer MobileFun, that the black Galaxy S3 "is now listed on the MobileFun website and retails SIM-free for £499.95" (around $785). Although the handset is not currently available for delivery, it is expected to be in stock within four to six weeks.

"Other than a darker coat of paint, the phone remains identical to the already available Pebble Blue and Marble White Galaxy S3 models in the specs department, which includes a quad-core Exynos processor, 4.8-inch display, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich," the report added.

Techradar noted that Monday's report came a week after a black model of the Galaxy S3 appeared on Samsung's European Facebook page, promoting its involvement in the 2012 London Olympics.

Soon after that, Android Police reported that the black Galaxy S3 again appeared in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system, listed as "Samsung Galaxy S3 Black."

Although Samsung is still silent about the new Galaxy S3 version, rumors are surely building up. Do you think Samsung would be bold enough to release the black Galaxy S3, coinciding with Apple's possible iPhone 5 launch next month?