The image of Galaxy S3, which is assumed to be Samsung's next generation smartphone, has emerged, according to Hexus. The device has a super slim industrial design and its display looks a bit unique, or rather queer, with a curved design, which is enough to stimulate the imagination of what future smartphones could be.

Currently, several rumors about Galaxy S3 are pouring down as Samsung said it will not unveil the Galaxy S3 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. One of the rumored feature of Galaxy S3 was the flexible display, or a display which apparently can be bent at one's pleasure.

According to media reports in Korea, this flexible AMOLED display design was suggested by one college student majoring in visual communication design in Hongik University in a presentation on 'Concept Design for Mobil Device' last year. According to the concept, the shape of phone can be changed, followed by function of application. For example, when a clock application gets implemented, the shape of the display also changes into the shape of a desk clock.

This flexible display technology is also called a 'paper display' technology, as the display can be bent and curved at will.

If this concept design for Galaxy S3 gets commercialized, it will give a boost to Samsung, which wants to bring out a genius phone beyond the smartphone, perhaps a real iPhone killer for the first time ever.