It seems that fickle and vague names for are becoming a staple of the major electronic industry. Samsung's flagship phone for 2012, commonly known as the Galaxy S3, may be taking on a different title. The new device is rumored to be labeled as the Galaxy M, according to a report from The Christian Post's Tech and Biz section.

Previously known as the Samsung 19300, the new gadget appeared in the company's ordering system as the Galaxy M. However, Samsung never officially released a name for the device. Earlier this month, the smartphone manufacturer made an announcement and referred to the phone as the successor to the Galaxy S2.

The successor to the Galaxy S2 smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product, Samsung said. We cannot confirm detailed information at this moment.

This seems similar to the hype surrounding Apple's latest iPad release, which was speculated by fans and analysts to be called either the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. Apple baffled some users by ditching both of those names and simply calling it the new iPad. Some suspect that the company will pull the same move with its next smartphone, labeling it at the new iPhone instead of the iPhone 5.

But Samsung may also have another trick up in terms of future releases. The Korea-based company may have another device to launch soon, as a new entry appeared in Samsung's Global Download Centre's UK branch. The gadget was registered as the GT-19308, leaving fans wondering if a new smartphone or other device is in the works.

The phone is said to be a heavy competitor with Apple's upcoming iPhone, sporting features such as a high definition display, a 4.6 inch screen, and ceramic-crafted body.

Samsung has yet to announce a release date for the anticipated phone, but rumors have surfaced that predict a May 22 launch.