Samsung's Galaxy S3 should make some significant improvements over the Galaxy S2, but the difference will mostly be on the inside as a radical physical redesign is unlikely. In fact, there has been speculation that one particular device seen in a Samsung promotional video during the Consumer Electronics Show was the Galaxy S3. The device in question had not been seen before, and it didn't appear to made entirely of glass, aluminum or have a five inch screen or anything far out like that. It did look like the possible Galaxy S3 prototype had a bit smaller of a bezel than the S2. That would mean the screen on the S3 would go very nearly to the edge of the device.

Samsung may have tipped the Galaxy S3 in the video (below, at just after the 7:10 mark), but it could get its official unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in Spain in February. When it does appear, it could feature a quad-core processor design, 4G, a 4.6-inch screen and even a 12 megapixel camera and two gigabytes of memory.

The Galaxy S3 could also feature things like a near field communications chip, Voice Talk voice recognition and support for DLNA connectivity, but those are things the Galaxy S2 already has. So on the outside of the Galaxy S3, expect the same all plastic build, similar shape with a possibly slightly thinner profile. That super thinness could be a trade-off for 4G and enough battery to give more than just a few hours of operation. Motorola already made that mistake by issuing the world's thinnest smartphone and giving it 4G.

In just ten weeks, the Droid Razr gave way to the Droid Razr Maxx, and the only difference was a bigger battery in the Maxx. Samsung won't make that mistake, so expect the S3 to either be thinner than the S2, or come with 4G, but not both. Tell us in the comments if you think the device in the video is the Galaxy S3 or just a prop.

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