Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have long suggested that the device might be cheaper than its predecessors, particularly the Samsung Galaxy S4, but now carriers and retailers are revealing their price points for the S5, and it has become clear that the device is largely more expensive.

Major U.S. carriers, AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular, as well as retailers Radio Shack and Best Buy, all began accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 on Friday. In addition, T-Mobile announced it will begin accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 on March 24.

While subsidized prices for the Galaxy S5 are roughly the same as what was seen for the Galaxy S4, it’s when we look at full retail cost for each carrier and retailer that we see the price hike between the Galaxy S generations. There are a few exceptions, however. Most carriers are offering the Galaxy S for $199.99 with a two-year contract; Best Buy is offering the AT&T Galaxy S5 for $229.99 with a two year contract.

The AT&T Galaxy S5 costs $649.99 without a contract while the AT&T Galaxy S4 sold for $639.99 at launch.

The Sprint Galaxy S5 costs $649.99 without a contract while the Sprint Galaxy S4 sold for $599.99 at launch.

The U.S. Cellular Galaxy S5 costs $649.99 without a contract while the U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4 sold for $749.99 at launch.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S5 costs $660 in full while the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 sold for $629 in at launch.

Best Buy is selling the Galaxy S5 powered by AT&T and Sprint for $749.99 without a contract and sold the Galaxy S4 powered by AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for the same price at launch.

Samsung Canada has also announced that 11 mobile networks, including Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, MTS, Eastlink, SaskTel, Videotron and Wind Mobile, will be offering the Galaxy S5 and the device will retail for $229 on select plans. The Galaxy S4 sold for $200 with a three-year contract on such carries as Rogers and Telus.

A supposed 800,000 won price for the Galaxy S5 in Samsung’s native South Korea recently surfaced, which led many to believe the device would be cheaper, as the Galaxy S4 sold for 890,000 won when it released last April. However, another source reported that the Galaxy S5 would sell for NT$22,900 in Taiwan, notably pricier than the Galaxy S4, which sold for NT$21,900 during its launch.

Pre-launch speculation suggested that Samsung might have been considering a lower price for the Galaxy S5 after the Galaxy S4 failed to meet the lofty 100 million unit sales goal, which was projected for the device prior to its release. Many sources report that the Galaxy S4 hasn't sold well, but the smartphone is actually Samsung’s fastest-selling device to date, having sold more than 40 million units as of October. Analysts have not yet revealed sales projections for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Ultimately, the price of the Galaxy S5 has not increased by much for most sellers. Customers are likely to purchase the device on contract and won’t notice much of a price difference.

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