It’s been rumored for long that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will come with a bigger screen size, along with the curved or flexible display. However, unlike the predecessor Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved display will not just be part of the “sides” of the S7 Edge, but also on the “top and bottom” of the handset, according to the Italian site HD Blog.

concept design, recently created by 3DFuture studio, showed a trapezoidal design of the Galaxy S7 Edge, based on a patent filed by the South Korean tech giant. The 3D design showed the curved edge display on the top and bottom of the S7 Edge.

Even though the design looked over-the-top and surreal at the time, looking at the new report from Italy suggests that the concept may not be entirely false. If Samsung manages to pull this unique design off, the Galaxy S7 Edge could be touted as the most innovative device with regard to design.

The 3D renders attached above and below will give an idea of how the device would look like when the top and bottom are curved. The brilliant design makes the S7 Edge look like an actual handset, instead of a 3D render. Here are more renders from the source 3DFuture studio.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-edge-renders Concept design pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, created based on the patent for a trapezoidal device design. Photo: 3DFuture

The Galaxy S7 series is believed to come powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 8 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipsets. Plus, the under the hood configurations will be backed by a killer 4 GB of RAM.

As far as the camera specification goes, a phenomenal 20-megapixel BRITECELL sensor has been tipped to be part of the rear-facing unit. The device is also expected to flaunt the now- ubiquitous USB Type-C connector.

Speaking of screen size, according to HD Blog, the flagship Galaxy S7 will feature a 5.2-inch display, whereas the jumbo Galaxy S7 Edge will reportedly sport a 5.7-inch flexible display. To top it all off, Samsung is mulling the idea of bringing the microSD card slot back to the Galaxy S series of devices.