Folks at Phone Arena apparently discovered that both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are prone to heavy scratches in the home button housing the fingerprint scanner. But then, interestingly, the glass surrounding the home button doesn’t seem to attract scratches.

The material used by Samsung to cover the home button is reportedly not durable enough to withstand surface contacts. Clearly, Samsung seems to have used a different glass material for other parts of the device. Apart from Phone Arena, some other Galaxy S7 users have also complained about the same issue.

To top it off, Phone Arena said this problem is not specific to the Galaxy S7 series alone. Other Samsung handsets with fingerprint sensors onboard seem to be prone to scratches, irrespective of the color.

To compare the scratch-prone surface, the same tech portal evaluated devices from other OEMs with fingerprint scanner embedded on the home button. For instance, Apple iPhone’s fingerprint scanner reportedly looked flawless.

The handset from other Android counterparts like the brand-new HTC 10, LG G5 and Huawei P9 seem to have used plastic material to cover the home button instead of the glass variant seen in Samsung and Apple devices. However, none of them seem to face issues with surface scratching.

This means the scratch-prone home button is specific to Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Meanwhile, Samsung recently announced its Q1 2016 earnings and it has beaten the market expectation by a slight margin. The South Korean tech giant reportedly had operating profits of 6.68 trillion won (about $5.58 billion) from 49.78 trillion won (roughly $43.8 billion) in revenues. While the revenue jumped 5.7 percent year-over-year, the profit surged 12 percent year-over-year.

Samsung acknowledged that the profit growth was predominantly due to the early launch and successful sales of the latest Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets, among others.