Rumors surrounding the next generation of Samsung’s Galaxy series have been quite confusing. A host of devices are expected to release in 2013, but they currently have many conflicting names, model numbers and launch dates. To add to the hullabaloo, various sources now indicate that we may see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) launch between June and July.

Tipsters told SamMobile that we should see the Galaxy Tab 3 launch within week 24 of 2013 (June 10-16), after which the Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi should launch within week 27 (July 1-7). If accurate, this would usher in the first 8-inch device for the Galaxy Tab series; other Galaxy Tab devices include 7-inch, 7.7-inch, 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch models.

Rumors about an 8-inch Galaxy Tab device have circled since February, despite the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 recently began its first rounds of release.

We also seem to have gotten confirmation right from the horse’s mouth, as Samsung Japan published information about this new series of model numbers to coincide with upcoming devices on its website Saturday. The model numbers are no longer accessible from the website; however, Android Authority was able to obtain an image capture detailing several model numbers beginning in SM-T, including SM-T210, SMT210R, SM-T210X, SM-T211, SM-T215, SM-T310, SM-T310, SM-T310X, SM-T311, SM-T312 and SM-T315.

The model number SM-T3100 coincides with the 16GB Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) 3G variant, while the model number SM-T3110 coincides with 16GB Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) Wi-Fi variant, and both devices will come in white, sources told SamMobile. Currently, there is no indication as to which devices the other SM-T model numbers coincide.

The never-before-seen model numbers may indicate that Samsung may be gearing up to launch a number of devices with features that we’ve similarly never seen, if reports about other Galaxy devices are any indications. Conflicting reports about the Galaxy Note 3 suggest that the device may be the same as the proposed Galaxy Mega phablet that was once called the Galaxy Fonblet. The devices reportedly will come in similar sizes, with a 5.8-inch variant suggested for the Galaxy Mega, a 5.9-inch variant suggested for the Galaxy Note 3 and a 6.3-inch variant suggested for both.

According to several sources, the 6.3-inch variants of both devices seem to share the same model number, GT-I9200. If that wasn’t confusing enough, we have noted that model numbers beginning in GT-I tend to coincide with high-end Galaxy smartphones as opposed to Galaxy Note tablets, whose model numbers usually begin with GT-N. This made many consider that a GT-I model number on a large-screen, phablet-like device could indicate that it will lack stylus functionality.

A similar conspiracy surrounds the Galaxy Tab 3, as a tipster recently leaked to SamMobile an image of a device the tech website proposed could be the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. However, the source said the device would be called the Galaxy S Tab to pay homage to Samsung’s popular Galaxy S smartphones. We noted that the device resembles Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet by way of shape and size, but the speakers, camera, sensors and home button are situated length-wise on the tablet in question, while those features are situated width-wise on the Galaxy Note 8.0, indicating that it is, in fact, a different device.

Initial reports about the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet suggested that it would be unveiled at the IFA Expo in September alongside the Galaxy Note 3. Then, the model number for the tablet was thought to be GT-P3200, GT-P5200 and GT-P820 for the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, respectively, featuring Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G LTE capability, as was reported by Notebook Italia after having conducted DLNA certificate tests on the devices. Now, it is difficult to know which rumors are true.

While developments and more accurate information tends to be announced as launch dates get closer, all the suggested dates for the Galaxy Tab 3 remain far enough that rumors should likely be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned as we will be here to keep you updated as more concrete information begins to come in.