Apple introduced the “iPhone upgrade program” while launching the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple TV and the huge tablet iPad Pro at the special September event. Following the trend, Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch a similar phone leasing program of its own, specific to the Galaxy series of handsets.

According to Forbes, Apple’s iPhone upgrade program allows customers to purchase iPhones directly from the Apple Store. This way, carriers will have no active role to play in the hardware department, other than providing the network. This program reportedly starts at a price of $32 per month. Customers have to sign a two-year contract with Apple that will make them eligible to get the new iteration of iPhone every year. In addition, the customers will also get access to Apple Care. The point to be noted, however, is that even if a customer opts for this $32+ program, a service plan can only be availed from a carrier of one’s choice, GSM Arena reported.

Also it is worth noting that Apple’s iPhone upgrade program has already garnered positive reviews as it offers value-for-money, when compared to any other programs from major carriers in the U.S.

Seeing a potential, Samsung is apparently working on a new leasing program and the expected release date should be in the coming months. However, there is no official confirmation available to ascertain the pricing of such an upgrade program.

For a long time now, major wireless carriers in the U.S. have always subsidized the devices via two-year contracts and thereby, customers will not be able to switch devices in between. But then, the trade-in deals have always been around to help in case a customer wants to switch handsets.

Meanwhile, the time has come for the carriers to move away from the hassle of subsidizing the hardware. Forbes says carriers are encouraging the customers to purchase their own handsets. Therefore, it’s just a matter of time before Samsung announces the new upgrade or leasing program.