After a bit of rumor mongering, we finally get to see the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Check it out below:

The trailer doesn't confirm much in terms of gameplay or story. The city has a Los Angeles vibe seemingly confirming rumors the game is set in Los Santos, GTA's version of LA. One of the biggest hints is the Vinewood sign, a parody the Hollywood sign. Vinewood is a district in Los Santos in a previous game.

The first game to feature Los Santos was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, though the game focused on the state of San Andreas. The fictional state was a representation of California with bits of Nevada and Arizona mixed in. The trailer seemed to focus on Los Santos a great deal. So the other portions of San Andreas like Las Venturas, based on Las Vegas, and San Fierro, based on San Francisco, may not be included in the game.

Other rumors we heard from 4chan say the main character is supposed to be a Hispanic man named Adrian. But you'll have to decide for yourself if that is true since 4chan isn't the most reliable of sources. The rumors also say jets and fighter planes are to reappear in the game franchise. There seem to be a couple jets flying around the trailer, so that rumor might also be true.

Beyond the teaser trailer RockStar hasn't made any announcements about the game, so any details must be gleaned from the new release. But we'll keep an eye on RockStar's Twitter feed as details about the game trickle onto the Internet.