The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are the hottest ticket in town as proven by the stellar attendance at ballgames.

Last year, the Giants were 9th in the league drawing an average of only 37,499.

As of May 24, the Giants have sold out all 18 home games this season ranking third in average attendance at 41,858 and have an overall attendance of 753,446 for the season. 

The only reason why the Giants average attendance isn't first in the league is due to AT&T's lower capacity compared to Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia and Yankee Stadium in New York. 

Today, the Florida Marlins come into town and it will be the Giants' first real test to see if the world champions can sell out a weekday series against a team without the star power to draw fans. 

Tuesday's and Wednesday's games are both evening games starting at 7:15 PM with a slight chance of rain showers on Wednesday.  Thursday's game is a day game starting at 3:45 PM. 

Tickets are still available for all three games through the Giants ticket office.  In fact, StubHub is showing tickets as low as $2 for the night games, and a pocket change price of $1 for the Thursday day game.

It may be Thursday's game where the Giants will have the most trouble selling out.  The day game will feature the Giants' fifth starter, phenom pitcher Ryan Vogelsong.  Ace Tim Lincecum is not scheduled to pitch in the series. 

Whether or not the Giants are able to continue their sellout streak remains to be seen, but it's clear that the World Series win has had a drastic impact on ticket sales.