Canadian freestyle- skiier Sarah Burke, who died last week after a 'freak accident' during a routine training session, has donated her organs and tissues, according to Yahoo Sports.

The four-time Winter X games champion, who played an instrumental role in getting freestyle skiing into the Winter Olympics, fell on the Eagle Superpipe in Salt Lake City,Utah after performing a trick called the Flat Spin 540 on Thursday.

Peter Judge, the CEO of Canada's freestyle team told the Daily Mail that the trick Burke performed was well within her capabilities and her injury was a result of a 'freak accident.'

She performed that stunt 'many, many times, and it was certainly in the realm of her skill capabilities, he said.

This injury was one - it was more of a freak accident than one caused by anything in specific terms. It was more of a fluke outcome. Safety was paramount to her,' he added

Burke's accident led to the rupture of her vertebral artery, which resulted in severe bleeding in her brain and eventually caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

In Accordance with the 29-year-olds wishes, her family donated her organs and tissues to save the lives of others, the family's publicist Nicole Wool, reported

While there have been advances in medical technology and donation, the demand for organs still exceeds the number of donors, Donate Life America reported.

More than 100,000 men, women and children need life-saving organ transplants, according to Donate Life statistics. Every 10 minutes one name is added to the nation organ transplant waiting list and an average of 18 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant.

Burke's $200,000 Medical Bill

Following Burke's sudden death, her husband was left with a $200,000 medical bill following insurance complications. Because Burke was treated in the United States as a Canadian citizen, she was only contractually covered by her health insurance when competing in an event, the Daily Mail Reported.

The Burke family launched a Website dedicated to help her husband raise the funds to cover medical bills. Within hours, donations came flooding in from across the world, and the site has already raised $246,701.