It's been a crazy past couple of days for Sarah Palin. First, she had a slight mishap in recounting they story of Paul Revere to a reporter. Now, her supporters are causing controversy by changing Paul Rever's Wikipedia entry to make Palin right. And what's worse? Fox News used a photo of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin instead of Palin herself in their newscast on Sunday. Palin is planning on taking her One Nation tour on the road in July. She's headed to the Sudan but first she wanted to make a stop in the UK to meet her idol. Thatcher refused. Thatcher's aids claim that Palin is nuts and not at The lady's level.

Oh boy. It's tough to be Sarah Palin right now, but despite being under the media microscope, Palin still looks calm and collected, and that's fashionable anytime.