Todd Palin has come out in full force, criticizing a new book about his wife, Sarah, as being full of disgusting lies and condemns author Joe McGinniss.

A new book claims she had sex with former NBA Glen Rice in 1987, according to the National Enquirer, and the book also claims that the former Alaska governor used to do recreationally use cocaine with her husband.

This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife. His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears, Todd Palin said in a statement released late Wednesday through Sarah PAC, his wife's political action committee.

Author Rented Alaska House Next to Palin Residence

McGinniss moved to Alaska last year to do research for his book, renting a house right next door to the Palins. The Palins built a fence to obtain some privacy.

The book, titled The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, claims she had a fetish for black men at the time, according to the Enquirer, citing a publishing source. The book won't be available on store shelves until Sept. 20, but the Enquirer claims Rice confirmed the relationship to McGinniss.

Allegedly, Palin had relations with Rice when he was a junior basketball player for the University of Michigan. Rice, who led Michigan to a national championship in 1989, was in Alaska for a college basketball tournament and allegedly hooked up with Palin who was then a TV sports reporter. The book claims the tryst happened only nine months before Palin married her husband.

Todd Palin also pointed to a New York Times review of McGiniss' book, posted on the newspaper's Web site, quoting the review as saying the book is dated, petty and that it chases caustic unsubstantiated gossip.

McGinniss initially went to Alaska to do a story on Palin for Portfolio magazine, but ended up netting a book deal about the controversial conservative.