Photographs of Sasha McHale have emerged in the wake of her tragic death, and they show a beautiful young girl in the final weeks of her all-too-short life.


Two photos of Sasha McHale, the daughter of Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale, can still be found on her Twitter page, and they show her smiling with friends. (Scroll down to see the Sasha McHale photos for yourself.)


The photos are haunting reminders of how young she was -- just 23 years old -- at the time of her early death Saturday. A photo of her with three friends was just uploaded on Oct. 9, while her profile photo is not time-stamped.


Sasha McHale had long suffered from the autoimmune disorder lupus before she died. Kevin McHale took a leave from his duties coaching the Rockets on Nov. 10 to deal with a family situation, and the McHale family endured a tragic loss Saturday.


On Sunday, Yahoo Sports reported that the situation was addressed in a statement by Rockets owner Leslie Alexander that shed some light on the McHale family's ordeal.


“I extend my deepest condolences to Kevin and Lynn for the loss of their beautiful daughter, Sasha, on Saturday afternoon,” Alexander wrote. “Kevin and Lynn are loving and dedicated parents who will need our continued support throughout this very difficult time. Our entire organization is mourning the McHale family's loss, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers."


Below are the two photos of Sasha McHale that can be found on her Twitter account.