A 15-year-old boy from Hong Kong stabbed his mother and sister to death because he apparently believed that there were way too many people in the world, and that fewer people would be more environment-friendly, the South China Morning Post reported.

Kan Ka-leung, now 16, used a cleaver to stab his mother and younger sister to death in an incident which occurred in 2010. The mother, Lam Lin-kan, 40, sustained 17 serious chop wounds while Kan's sister, Kan Chung-yue, 12, received 30 cleaver injuries. The teenager had himself called the emergency services following the murders.

Kan pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder at the court and guilty to manslaughter, which the prosecution accepted on Wednesday. The first court hearing of the killings took place in July, 2010.

Court has ordered to detain Kan in a psychiatrist facility after clinical reports presented in the court stated that Kan is schizophrenic.

Kan told police that he had intended to continue killing all bad people but had to call emergency services because of his injured hands.