The Operation Remington drama continued in episode 7 of “Scandal,” and it’s completely consuming Olivia Pope. Despite having her plate full with trying to get Josie Marcus into the White House, Olivia has her Gladiators working hard on digging up more information on the plane crash that killed her mother.

What did we learn about Operation Remington in episode 7, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie?” We’re breaking down the top eight jaw-dropping revelations.

1.You Know Rowan? – Olivia may have kicked the president out of her home last week, but Fitz isn’t giving up on her. “There’s things you don’t know,” he tries to reason with her. “Things I can’t ever tell you.”

But Olivia isn’t having any of it. “I thought I knew you,” she tells him. “I thought I knew everything about you.”

But Fitz certainly doesn’t know everything about her. Telling her to stay away from Jake and stop looking into Operation Remington, he’s shocked when Olivia name-drops Rowan.

“How do you know Rowan?” he demands. But Olivia doesn’t tell him that Rowan is her father.

2.Pope & Associates' New Client – Olivia wants the Gladiators working on a new client – her mother. The determined daughter tells her associates that she knows Rowan gave the order on the plane. But she wants to know if the order was to kill her mother specifically … or if she was just collateral damage.

The Gladiators agree to dig in, and Olivia gives them one more piece of information – the pilot who was ordered to shoot down the plane, President Fitz.

3. Fitz And His Father- Before running for governor of California, Fitz didn’t want to run on his military experience. But his dad pressured him, telling him that he “owns” him after the accident. Berating his son for joining up in the first place to escape him, he tells him that it should have been some backwoods kid that shot down the plane, not Fitz.

Fitz’ dad reveals that he called in favors to distance his son from the accident, which is the only reason why Fitz has a future.

4. Flight Discrepancies – The flight information reeks of a coverup. Initially overbooked, the flight manifest doesn’t match up, leading Jake and the others to wonder if its just a mistake … or a lie. On top of that, the plane took off 27 minutes after being cleared for take off.

Their suspicions of a lie are confirmed when they discover that Fitz’ dad, Grant Sr., was the one that investigated the crash.

5. Three Living Links – Pope & Associates manage to dig up three living links to the crash – a gate agent, a man named Omar Dresdon, and the man that drove the stair car.

Tracking down the gate agent, she reveals that someone was taken off the plane by a federal marshal the day the plane crashed. While she didn’t see the man or the marshal, the passenger's name was Omar Dresdon.

Failing to find Omar Dresdon, the Gladiators manage to find a stair car driver who claimed to have witnessed the ordeal while the plane was on the tarmac.

6. A New B613 Agent – With Huck shutting Quinn out, she’s been flirting with Charlie. But Charlie hasn’t been flirting with Quinn … he’s been recruiting a new B613 agent.

Taking her on a “date” for one of his jobs, Quinn convinces him to let her help. Initially she believes that she’s only knocking a man unconscious with a needle and giving Charlie enough time to break in. She’s shocked to discover that the needle killed the man … and that Charlie ran.

Fleeing the building, Quinn tries to call Huck. But instead of getting Huck, Quinn gets a visit from Charlie, who tells her, “You belong to B613 now … Welcome to wonderland.”

Whom did Quinn kill? Olivia’s stair driver source.

7. What Really Happened? – Fitz’ dad reportedly told Mellie the whole story behind the plane crash. The plane allegedly had a “dirty bomb on board.” If it had reached its target, London, it could have taken out half of the city and started World War III.

But why did the government cover up a supposed “dirty bomb?” Because of the collateral damage. Fitz’ father explains that lawsuits from families would have dragged on for centuries all because “grandma died 25 minutes too soon.”

8. A Visit With Omar Dresdon – One of the final scenes from episode 7 of “Scandal” shows Rowan paying Omar Dresdon a visit in jail. Passing through multiple steps of security, Rowan finally enters a cell … telling the prisoner, “Our daughter has been asking about you.”

When the prisoner turns around it’s revealed to be Olivia’s mom, Maya.

Why isn’t Maya dead? Why did Rowan fake the death of his wife? Let us know your thoughts on “Scandal” season 3 episode 7, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie.”