Olivia Pope never has to worry about being out of a job with the amount of drama that happens on “Scandal.” Episode 12, “We Do Not Touch The First Lady,” found the Gladiators continuing to prepare President Fitz for the upcoming election … with a couple twists thrown at them along the way. Check out the breakdown of the top 9 insane moments from the March 6 episode:

Drug Use At The Governor’s Mansion

Olivia Pope and the Gladiators dug up all the dirt on Andrew Nichols they could find, however something managed to get past them – drug use at the California Governor’s mansion while he was in office with Fitz.

The rumor circulating is that there was oxycodone, and Olivia wants to bite it in the butt. However Andrew Nichols tells her that it’s not a rumor and that he took the drug while at the Governor’s mansion.

Despite Olivia’s best threats, the reporter on the story isn’t ready to throw out her source. Realizing that Leo can’t be behind this, Olivia’s first thought is that her father is out for blood in revealing Andrew Nichols skeletons. However for the first time in Rowan’s life, he’s innocent.

Hollis Doyle Returns

Hollis Doyle may have been missing in action but he’s back and still lobbying for the Texas energy company. Hollis sits down with Leo Bergen and Sally Langston to strike a deal. If Sally allows him to choose the secretary of energy, he’ll donate money to her campaign. However Hollis seems to be working both sides because he has a meeting with Cyrus and pledges donations to Fitz’s campaign.


Last week James revealed to David Rosen that he was the person behind “Publius” who was leaking information to gossip reporter Vanessa Chandler. Cyrus is desperate to find out who Vanessa’s source is and makes James set her up with an exclusive interview with the president in order to get the name. But since James doesn’t want to be discovered he schedules her interview for later in the month, buying him and David Rosen more time. That doesn’t work for Cyrus – which leads him to get B613 member Charlie involved.

Scared that Cyrus will discover it’s him, James hatches a plan with David Rosen to leak the NSA calls between Cyrus and Sally to Vanessa Chandler. But James is too afraid to do it himself, and convinces David Rosen to make the drop to Vanessa. And James is right to be afraid – because Charlie had orders to take out whoever met up with Vanessa. Fortunately David Rosen has an angel watching over him (or hacking into his emails) because Huck and Abby rescued him before it was too late.

The Return Of Adnan Salif

Since being threatened by Cyrus at the beginning of the season, Harrison has been fearing the return of his former employee, Adnan Salif. Many “Scandal” fans were shocked when Adnan Salif appeared in episode 11 and was revealed to be a beautiful woman – whom Harrison had (and has) a sexual relationship with. But that wasn’t the biggest jaw dropper about Adnan.

Recently let back into the country by Cyrus (who wanted revenge against Harrison), Adnan has some sketchy plans for a briefcase of money and wants Harrison involved. Turns out that Adnan and Harrison had been into stuff much bigger than insider trader. And although what crimes they committed isn’t exactly clear, it’s big enough that Olivia doesn’t even know about it.

Quinn’s Downfall

After getting tortured by Huck, Quinn has been staying with Charlie and helping him with work – despite Jake not believing that she is B613 material. With nothing left to lose, Quinn spies on Olivia while she’s out to eat with Rowan. But Olivia spots Quinn right away.

“You are not cut out for this,” Olivia begs Quinn. “Come home.”

“Huck does not want me there,” Quinn counters. “He licked my face. Did he tell you that? Like I was a piece of mean. Like I wasn’t human.”

Olivia continues to plead that she can help Quinn and that B613 will destroy her. But it appears like she’s too late – because Quinn threatens to shoot her if she doesn’t get out of the car.

The Truth Behind Mellie And Andrew Nichols

Episode 11 exposed that Fitz’s new running mate, Andrew Nichols, is in love with Mellie. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mellie has been unfaithful to her husband. A series of flashbacks show that 14 years ago Mellie was struggling after being raped by Fitz’s father. She was unable to touch or be physical with her husband – which lead to a series of fights with Fitz. 

One night Mellie became so overwhelmed that she took tried to overdose on oxycodone. Andrew discovered her on the floor and saved her life, forcing her to vomit up the pills she took. And while Andrew didn’t expose her secret to anyone he did make her tell him why she attempted suicide.

“Because my father-in-law forced himself on me and I don’t know if my son is his and sometimes I don’t know if I want to be alive,” Mellie tells him honestly.

And although the pair shared chemistry, Mellie told him that nothing can happen between them because she is married to Fitz.

The Oxycodone Story

Olivia manages to stop the drug story in its tracks, but figures out that it was Mellie not Rowan who leaked the information to the press. “It was you, right?” Olivia asks Mellie. “Popping pain killers that night like they were M&Ms.”

But the First Lady stops Olivia when she begins telling her that her relationship with Andrew has to stop if they want to win the election. “You actually think that we are the same?” Mellie says, referencing Olivia’s affair with Fitz. “When I was faced with the chance to cheat I kept my knees together and said no.”

And while Mellie may have shut Olivia up for now, the talk triggered something in her. Seeing Andrew Nichols in the hall, Mellie passionately kissed him before running away.

Welcome To B613

In episode 12 Jake received his “Welcome to B613” packet. Now with more power than the president, Jake has a series of resources at his disposal all to be used to protect the republic. And there was one big one he didn’t realize – there is a trusted B613 agent hidden inside the White House.

So, who is this agent? None other than Tom, President Fitz’ trusted security. And while Tom may have helped Fitz with a couple of the ins and outs of the Oval Office, his true loyalties lie to B613.

Tom visited Jake at the end of the day and dropped off a USB that held the video feed from the Oval Office – video feed that exposed a fight between Olivia and Fitz where Olivia told the president that she doesn’t know if she has feelings for Jake.

Who Is Adnan Salif Working For?

Forcing Harrison to make a campaign contribution, Adnan Salif shows up at Fitz’ latest fundraising dinner. After overhearing Fitz tell Cyrus that he doesn’t want any of Hollis’ donations, Adnan makes herself known to Cyrus. And while he initially refuses her dirty money, it appears that by the end he has a change of heart.

But why is Adnan making the donation? It’s on behalf of Olivia’s mother, Marie.

“We’re in,” Adnan told Marie at the end of episode 12.

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