Gladiators better start preparing for an explosive midseason finale of “Scandal.” Actress Khandi Alexander will reprise her role as Mama Pope during the final episode of 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Alexander’s return as Maya Pope, the deadly terrorist and mother of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). Mama Pope is set to wreak havoc on the ABC series during the Nov. 20 midseason finale, titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine.”

While details on Khandi Alexander’s reprisal are being kept under wraps, the headline alone is pretty revealing. For the past two seasons Olivia has yearned to leave all the drama behind and “stand in the sun.” She finally got her wish during the Season 3 finale when she boarded a private jet with Jake (Scott Foley) and left Washington, D.C., without telling anyone, including her associates, where she was going. Season 4 picked up with a curly haired and bathing suit wearing Olivia enjoying her carefree life on a beach. She left the sun, however, when Harrison’s (Columbus Short) body was found.

Since returning to D.C., Olivia has encountered her fair share of problems -- from getting tricked into helping a man who tried to assassinate a president to trying to aid one of her oldest friends who stands accused of murder. But nothing compares to her latest issue: the capture of Jake and accusations that he murdered Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) son.

For the past few episodes Olivia has gone through denial, anger and bargaining. She tried to reason with Fitz and use other contacts in order to ensure Jake’s freedom. All hope seemed lost -- until Olivia told Fitz that the two still have a chance at a happy ending.

As of now, it looks like Olivia will be on the track toward clearing Jake’s name, but the title of the episode suggests that it might come with some consequences.

“Scandal” viewers will remember that Olivia’s father, Rowan (Joe Morton), told Fitz during the Season 3 finale that his estranged wife was responsible for the death of Jerry Jr. (Dylan Minnette). Fitz gave Rowan his blessing to kill Maya, but Rowan didn’t. In a juicy twist, Rowan captured Maya and threw her into the “hole” at B613.

Everyone, including Fitz and Olivia, thinks that Maya is dead. So what will they do when Maya Pope resurfaces?

“Scandal” fans will have to wait until the midseason finale of Season 4 airs on Nov. 20. The episode, “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” is being directed by actor Tony Goldwyn.

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