Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is back in action with her white hat in Season 4 of “Scandal.” The hit ABC series returned for its new season on Sept. 25, pulling Olivia and Jake (Scott Foley) out of the sun and back into the dark and frightening world of D.C. politics.

While Olivia and Jake managed to distance themselves from all the White House drama, the two will find themselves right back in the middle of it in episode 3, “Inside the Bubble.”

According to the synopsis for episode 3, Olivia will meet up with an old friend (Sonya Walger) after her daughter goes missing. And while the mysterious case is bound to bring some unsettling answers and shocking revelations, it’s what Jake is up to that will have “Scandal” fans on the edge of their seats. Jake is no longer a part of B613, but that’s not stopping him from doing some investigating.

Last we left him, he had figured out that something fishy was going on with Harrison’s (Columbus Short) murder case. Security footage from an Arizona diner didn’t show Harrison prior to his untimely death but instead showed Rowan’s (Joe Morton) No. 1 B613 hit man, Charlie (George Newbern). Jake will use his connections in episode 3 to “get some answers” -- more than likely regarding the truth behind Harrison’s death.

As Jake potentially inches closer to discovering Rowan and B613’s involvement in Harrison (and Little Jerry’s) death, Mellie (Bellamy Young) will become “obsessed with a national news story.” Will she channel her grief to help protect other young children from getting hurt? Or does the national news story have to do with something else?

Finally, “Scandal” fans can look forward to Cyrus (Jeff Perry) having an “awkward run-in during a business breakfast.” Will his late night rendezvous with Michael (Matthew Del Negro) be exposed? As viewers saw in the final moments of episode 2, Lizzie Bear (Portia de Rossi) is plotting to take Cyrus down, and Michael is one of her pawns. Meanwhile, David (Joshua Malina) managed to beat Lizzie Bear at her own game last week, but he’ll now be going to great lengths to prove that he’s the right man for attorney general.

“Scandal” Season 4 episode 3 will air on ABC on Thursday, Oct. 9, at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Inside the Bubble”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.