Can this season of “Scandal” get any more twisted? Fans of the ABC series are certainly about to find out.

Episode 14 was jam-packed with jaw dropping moments. From Mellie (Bellamy Young) accidentally giving Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) her entire presidential campaign plans, to Abby (Darby Stanchfield) firing Cyrus (Jeff Perry) from Chief of Staff and taking his job, there was no shortage of drama in the White House. Meanwhile, outside the fight for the Oval Office, Olivia (Kerry Washington) continued to stalk Jake (Scott Foley) in an attempt to figure out what he has planned with his new fiancé. Of course, Olivia couldn’t spy on the head of the NSA without getting caught, and Jake shut down her unhealthy obsession with him once and for all. Or, so he thought. The episode concluded with Olivia realizing that Jake plotted to get to his fiancé, just like he did with her when he was working for Rowan (Joe Morton).

So, what’s next in the world of Olivia Pope? The synopsis for episode 15, titled “Pencils Down,” reveals that Mellie will continue to make mistakes on her presidential campaign. It’s unclear what she does, but it will be so bad that Olivia “must decide how far she’ll go to fix it.”

That won’t be the only thing on Olivia’s plate. The Gladiators will come across some “valuable intel” on Jake’s new woman.

Elsewhere, David Rosen (Joshua Malina) will be trying to figure out what to do about his love triangle with Susan (Artemis Pebdani) and Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi). He tried to talk to Abby about it in episode 14, but she wasn’t interested in hearing about his sexual endeavors. So, who will he seek advice from this week?

“Scandal” fans will have to tune in Thursday to find out. Episode 15 airs on ABC March 24 at 9 p.m. EDT.