Phillip's (Jefferson White) motives for hunting Annalise (Viola Davis) and the Keating Five have finally been revealed and, shockingly enough, it seems his intentions were noble. During Season 2, episode 15 of ABC's hit series "How to Get Away With Murder" the esteemed lawyer learns that the cops are hot on her trail, at which time she shares the shocking information Phillip told her during a previous encounter — but is it true?

In an effort to escape the chaos happening around Middleton University, Annalise returns to her native Tennessee to stay with her mother. Because it's been so long since her last visit, Ophelia (Cicely Tyson) rounds up the whole town — including Annalise's estranged father — to visit with her daughter. The lawyer is less than excited to make nice with people she hasn't seen in so long given the stress mounting in her life, but plays along for her mothers sake. Meanwhile the Keating Five works tirelessly to locate her. Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) is able to hack into her credit card and figure out her whereabouts. 

Shortly after her team locates her, Nate (Billy Brown) pops over to Annalise's house in the hopes of warning her that a warrant has been put out for her arrest. With ADA Denver and the local police unable to track her down, the warrant remains unissued, which buys the Keating Five time to find out why exactly their mentor is potentially facing arrest. Further investigation reveals that a majority of the Warren has been redacted, which Michaela (Aja Naomi King) knows is only done for specific reasons. She shares an acronym with the group, focusing sharply on the idea that an informant may have tipped off police. They once again look to Oliver to pull up police video in the hopes that their "rat" will be revealed.

A closer look at the tape shows Caleb (Kendrick Sampson), who was believed to be missing. The Keating Five are eventually able to get in touch with Annalise, alerting her to the situation. She gets one final message from ADA Denver, which drives home the severity of the situation. She decides to go to the police station, but not until after placing a call to Nate seeking help. Annalise is then shown sitting down with ADA Denver, where he reveals to her that Caleb claimed she took advantage of him during their time working together. Annalise calls Caleb "psychotic," and shares some shocking information with her adversary. She reveals that during her fight with Phillip in episode 14, he confessed new information to her that proves Caleb is not at all innocent. 

Annalise claims that Phillip told her that it was Caleb who killed his mother and he's got proof. He holds up a thumb drive, which puts Caleb at the scene of the crime on the night the murder occurred. ADA Denver is slow to accept this new information, but changes his tune when Annalise reveals to him that Phillip has joined her at the police station. The Keating Five then catch wind of the situation from a news broadcast, but aren't all too convinced it's not another one of Annalise's schemes. The news broadcast reveals that authorities have been unable to locate Caleb before cameras pan to him lying with his wrists slit in a hotel bathtub.

Meanwhile Frank (Charlie Webber), who learned from Bonnie (Liza Wiel) that Wes (Alfred Enoch) knows that Charles Mahoney is his father, is spinning his wheels. He is pensive and quiet throughout a majority of the episode. During one scene in particular he and Bonnie sip from a liquor bottle in the basement of Annalise's home, questioning their fate. Bonnie asks that he not do anything stupid while joking that Annalise may have her killed. Frank promises that that wouldn't happen as it is him that Annalise would look to to carry out the hit. Flashbacks throughout the episode reveal that Frank's guilt is linked to far more than his breakup with Laurel. Viewers learn that he was the reason Annalise's son did not survive as he agreed to T-bone her car in an effort to delay the trial involving Wes' mother and Mahoney. During the closing of the Season 2 finale one final flashback shows Frank admitting his guilt to Sam (Tom Verica) in the hospital waiting room. Sam makes him promise that Annalise won't find out which she doesn't — at least, not until Bonnie shares the information with her upon her return home from Tennessee. It was that secret that Sam used to get Frank to kill Lila for him in Season 1.

Annalise insists that Frank must be taken care of. Laurel later pops by her on-again, off-again boyfriend's apartment but he's nowhere to be found. While she searches his apartment room by room, Wes attempts to confront Mahoney, but their meeting is cut short when the hedge fund manager is shot in the head — could it have been Frank?