The Glastonbury Festival, also known as the muddiest festival in the world, took place this past weekend. The highlight of the festival was the headliner: Beyoncé. The 29 year old pop star wowed the audience with an energetic 90 minute set. The pop star kicked off her set with her upbeat song Crazy in Love. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Beyoncé revealed she was skeptical of whether she should perform in heels. The heels are second nature. It's just a part of it, whenever I rehearse I have on my heels, she said. Even so, she said she was shaking like a leaf because the stage was so slippery. Beyoncé also told Morgan that she gave up her previous plan to stop singing at 30. I'm not retiring, I'll tell you, she said.

Other performances of the festival included Coldplay, U2, the Kaiser Chiefs, Jessie J and BB King. Below are photos from the 2011 Glastonbury Festival.