Brooke’s got a secret — and it’s a lot worse than she thinks it is.

Last week “Scream” viewers watched as Brooke (Carlson Young) seduced Branson (Bobby Campo) in a hotel room that they used to hook up in. But the teen wasn’t trying to get back together with her twisted, former teacher. She simply wanted to get answers out of him regarding her dead boyfriend, Jake (Tom Maden).

Brooke was certain that Branson played a part in Jake’s death, however, he denied any involvement in it. He wouldn’t even cop to it when Brooke threatened to cut off “little Branson” with a sharp pair of scissors. But that didn’t stop Brooke getting a little payback. She decided to leave him handcuffed to the bed — and that’s exactly where the new Brandon James killer found him at the end of the episode last week. Fans of the MTV TV series were left with their jaws on the ground as they watched the Lakewood psychopath hack off one of Branson’s hands and then use an iron to cauterize the wound.

The sneak peek for episode 7, titled “Let The Right One In,” teases that Brooke has no idea about what happened to Branson. Despite not knowing about her former lover’s run-in with the killer, she still feels guilty — and even a little scared of getting in trouble. Unable to find Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), Brooke turns to Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) for help. She reveals the whole situation to her very surprised classmate and shows her the handcuff key she still has in her possession.

“We definitely need to do something about this,” Audrey tells Brooke.

The sneak peek video for Tuesday’s episode doesn’t reveal any more, but those two are bound to be in for a big surprise when they go back to Branson’s room. Will they find Branson — or at least pieces of him? Or will the killer clean up the mess, just like he did with Eddie’s (Chase McCleery Bouchie) body?

Whatever the case may be, it’s not looking good for the teens. The synopsis for episode 7 reveals that the two will find themselves in a “deadly trap.”

“Scream” Season 2, episode 7 will air on MTV on Tuesday, July 12 at 10 p.m. EDT.