Piper Shaw may be dead, but the small town of Lakewood is still being terrorized by a killer.

Season 2 of MTV’s “Scream” is only a few episodes in, but it’s already close to topping its freshman season. Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) identity as Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice is close to being exposed, and she’s the only one who knows that a new Brandon James killer is terrorizing the town. With so many secrets — and bodies — piling up, viewers are being kept on the edge of their seats every week. But with the trailer for episode 4 teasing that Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) will face the Brandon James killer, fans must be developing theories about who the psycho murderer could be.

Troy James

Who is Troy James? “Scream” fans have yet to meet him. He’s the brother of Brandon James, and has been talked about on a handful of occasions. In the Season 2 premiere, Emma had a dream that encouraged her to seek out the old James barn. With Brooke (Carlson Young) by her side, Emma entered the abandoned home and discovered that someone had been living in it. She became frightened after finding photos and newspaper clippings of herself, and fled the grounds when she spotted a hooded figure. But when she returned to the property later that evening with her mother, all the photos and belongings were gone.

Did Emma hallucinate the entire thing? It’s certainly possible. Or she could have been on to something.

Mr. Branson

Seriously, this teacher is super twisted. We know from Season 1 that Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) has a secret past and a history of hooking up with young girls. The fact that he’s still pursuing Brooke in Season 2 is another creep factor.

Does he want payback for getting framed for the original murders and getting fired from his job? It’s also pretty suspicious that he found out about Brooke and Jake’s (Tom Maden) breakup.

Ms. Lang

Don’t trust the newcomer. Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) is a psychology teacher at Lakewood High School, and has taken a special interest in Emma since the murders. Emma confided her fears and hallucinations to her teacher after school one day, and viewers witnessed Ms. Lang secretly record the conversation.

Could she be simply recording her talk with Emma for personal gain in her career? Or is she documenting Emma’s story to gain information for someone else?

Mayor Quinn Maddox

Lakewood Mayor Quinn Maddox (Bryan Batt) is a shady character. Besides helping cover up a murder last season, Brooke’s father also appeared to have texted Jake prior to the teen getting killed. It’s not clear what Mayor Maddox wanted with Jake, but it’s a suspicious coincidence that Jake was killed at the location the mayor sent him too.

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