The new Brandon James stalker is finally taking his killing spree public! The Lakewood murderer made his presence known in episode 4 of “Scream” Season 2 when he rigged a banner to drop Jake’s decaying body in the middle of a packed auditorium. But that doesn’t mean the stalker wants to be found. He or she has plenty more tricks up their bloody sleeve.

When the episode ended, Brooke (Carlson Young) was screaming her head off after being covered in her ex-boyfriend’s blood. And based on the synopsis for episode 5, titled “Dawn of the Dead,” things won’t be getting any better.

As fans of the MTV series already know, each episode is named after a scary movie. “Dawn of the Dead” was written and directed by horror legend George Romero in 1978. The movie followed a group consisting of two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter and his girlfriend as they attempted to find safety from zombies inside a shopping mall. While this week’s episode of “Scream” won’t feature any zombies, it will be similar in that the Lakewood teens will be trapped inside George Washington High School as Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) puts the building on lockdown.

The synopsis teases that a “loved one’s death reverberate” and that the Lakewood Five will begin to question “whether history is repeating itself.”

“What if they think one of us is the killer?” Stavos (Santiago Segura) asks Noah (John Karna) in the promo video. But based on the look on Noah’s face, it looks like he thinks Stavos is the psycho on the loose. And Noah has good reason to worry. In episode 4, Acosta found a Brandon James mask inside his son’s bedroom. Is Stavos truly just horror-obsessed? Or does he have other motives for befriending the Lakewood Five?

Watch the promo video for episode 5 below and catch “Scream” when it airs on MTV Mondays at 11 p.m. EDT.