Beware, Emma … the Brandon James killer is coming for you!

“Scream” Season 2, episode 11 gets off to a frightening start with the Brandon James killer disabling the alarm at the Duval household and sneaking into Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald). Although a knife is in the killer’s hand, he doesn’t appear to want to harm her. In fact, the stalker closes Maggie’s (Tracy Middendorf) door and doesn’t disturb her. But there is a reason that the killer is in the house. The sound of her dream journal opening startles her enough to make her jump out of bed. However, the killer is already gone. The dream journal is missing, and a necklace hanging on the front door knob is the only thing that remains. It’s a wood heart, just like the one that Brandon James made for Maggie all those years ago. This time, Emma’s name is carved on it.

It’s 3:30 in the morning but Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) races out of the house in order to get to Emma. What’s suspicious is that he’s not the only one up in his house. Eli (Sean Grandillo) is at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. It’s a little suspicious that he’s up at this hour, no? Especially since “Scream” fans know that he has a history of breaking and entering.

This new development regarding the Brandon James killer would normally be right up Noah’s (John Karna) alley. However, after Zoe’s ( Kiana Ledé ) death in episode 10, Noah wants to be done with his murder obsession. Although he’s still in the hospital recovering from his stab wound, he asks his friends to take down his murder board.

Emma, Kieran and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) agree to take down the murder board and head to his house. It’s there that Emma makes a startling discovery — Eli was in Lakewood last year. They see him lurking in the background in a picture from Will’s (Connor Weil) funeral. Audrey immediately goes to Noah to try to tell him about their discovery, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Zoe wouldn’t be dead if it wasn’t for his obsession with the Brandon James killer, and he’s done investigating the murders. Kieran, on the other hand, is ready to confront his oddball cousin.

Eli has caused nothing but problems since arriving in town, and Kieran is tired of it. But what if he’s really the Brandon James killer? Audrey and Emma convince him that it’s not worth the danger of confronting him. They do support breaking and entering into Eli’s room to search for clues.

Eli is definitely hiding something. He returns home to find that his mom is packing their bags. The mayor is paying them $15,000 to get out of town, but Eli’s not ready to leave. He turns violent, throwing his mother’s luggage and telling her that he’s got things going on in town. What kind of things? That’s not clear, but he tells her that he’s going to take care of Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt).

Mayor Maddox better watch his back. Eli is not the only one that has an issue with him. Gustavo (Santiago Segura) is drawing a picture of Brooke’s dad with a bloody wound on his head. Does that mean that the Mayor Maddox is next on the chopping block? And is Gustavo the killer?

Since Gustavo is staying at a hotel with Brooke (Carlson Young), the mayor is all-alone at his house. So when a radio starts blasting upstairs, he immediately hopes that his beloved daughter returned home. Unfortunately for him, it’s not Brooke. While he investigates the source of the loud music, Eli sneaks into his office and finds a secret compartment full of documents and other things. He steals the contents, writing a note for the mayor for him to find.


As Mayor Maddox gets robbed, Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) is questioning Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith), who is finally conscious after her nasty run-in with the Brandon James killer. It’s suspicious that she went to the same school as Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire), but Ms. Lang insists that they were never close. She explains to the sheriff that she barely knew Piper because she was a lot younger than her. The girls were only at the school together for about three to four months, and never hung out. She kept this all a secret because she didn’t want her students to close up around her. As for why she has recordings of all her students? She was simply doing an “informal study on the survivors” from Piper’s killing spree.

Sheriff Acosta appears to believe her, so he asks if she uncovered anyone who appeared to have an “unhealthy obsession with Piper.” She does mention that his son has a fascination with death, but the person with the largest obsession is Emma. Between the hallucinations, nightmares and “fits of rage,” she thinks that Emma is a seriously troubled young woman.

Sheriff Acosta needs to think on all this, and while he does so, he texts Gustavo to apologize and ask him to return home. Brooke decides it’s time to go home, but Gustavo doesn’t exactly agree. While he tells her that he’s going back, he actually packs a bag and leaves again. He visits Noah at the hospital, where he tells him not to give up on his podcast.

“It does something for people,” he says. “Me included.”

Noah still isn’t convinced, but Gustavo hands him something to help. It’s a scene from the comics he’s drawing which shows Noah fighting off the Brandon James killer.

As Noah mulls over what to do regarding his podcast, Kieran sneaks into his house to search Eli’s room. On his way in he hears Eli talking to his aunt, telling her that Mayor Maddox is guilty of a lot more than insurance scams. He stole from half the town, including the James family. Eli and his mom go outside to further discuss their plan to blackmail the mayor, giving Kieran the opportunity to go into Eli’s room. He searches his things, eventually coming across a stack of letters from Audrey to Piper, and old photos of Emma as a child.

He returns with the evidence, showing Emma and Audrey the proof they need that he’s the killer. Eli’s been using the letters to mess with Audrey. The teen wants to turn them over to the police, but that will also incriminate her. They decide that the only thing that they can do is return the photos to Eli’s room and find other evidence. Kieran goes back inside, leaving Audrey and Emma alone. The girls decide that if they need more evidence they have to go to the old James farm.

Emma texts Kieran and explains that she’s going to head to the James farm with Audrey. Meanwhile, Mayor Maddox also gets a text from an unknown caller, luring him to the old James farm. As both parties head to the abandoned building, Noah decides not to give up on the podcast. From his hospital bed he begins to upload his latest file when all of a sudden he’s remotely hacked. The mystery hacker uploaded a video framing Emma and Audrey for the latest string of murderers, which includes gory footage of the victims.

Who uploaded the video? Sheriff Acosta has a team trying to figure that out. However, he immediately heads to the old James farm when Maggie rushes in after receiving a call from Kieran.

Emma and Audrey discover the secret room at the James farm. All the photos of Emma are gone, but the teen does find her dream journal there. But before they can further investigate they watch as Brooke’s dad enters the barn.

Brooke’s dad is searching for the person who stole all his confidential documents. But that person doesn’t want to be found. He’s lured further and further into the barn by texting the unknown number. Eventually he finds the phone on a chair, and when he turns around the Brandon James killer is right behind him. Mayor Maddox is brutally stabbed with a pitchfork right before Emma and Audrey enter the barn.

The two girls find their friend’s dad slowly dying. He pulls out the pitchfork, but there is no hope for him. He collapses on the ground, and they immediately try to help stop the bleeding. When they hear a noise coming from the back of the barn, Emma picks up the pitchfork to investigate. She doesn’t find anyone, but the police find her.

Seeing her covered in blood with the weapon in her hand, Sheriff Acosta is forced to arrest Emma and Audrey. Maggie is besides herself, especially when the sheriff tells her that she’s going to need a lawyer. They not only think that they killed the mayor, but everyone else as well.

Episode 11 of “Scream” ends with Audrey and Emma getting carted away to the police station in the back of a police car.