Well, Maggie’s been holding onto a big secret!

“Scream” viewers thought that Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) came clean to Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) about her past during Season 1, but episode 10 of Season 2 revealed that she’s still holding onto dark secrets.

Episode 10 of the MTV series, titled “The Vanishing,” kicks off with Maggie examining Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) body. Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) doesn’t think that Maggie should have to look at her dead daughter’s decaying body, but it’s something that Maggie argues that she has to do as the town’s medical examiner. And she’s glad she does. She discovers that someone has been preserving the body in a refrigerator since removing it from the grave. What’s more is that they made a new incision in Piper’s sternum and inserted the heart of a pig. It’s not just an odd, gruesome act. It’s something that Maggie and Acosta were meant to find.

“I know this is hard,” Acosta says to Maggie later. “Maybe he wants revenge.”

Who are they talking about? A flashback teases that Brandon James didn’t die the night that the cops shot him by the lake. Maggie brought Brandon James to Acosta for help. All Maggie says is that “he” could not have survived outside on his own and that he wouldn’t “target” Emma.

Meanwhile, Emma is at Audrey’s and wants answers about Piper. Audrey tries to explain that she didn’t know that Piper was the killer, and that Piper swore that she wasn’t the one responsible for wreaking havoc in town. Audrey believed her because she was with Piper the night that Rachel (Sosie Bacon) was killed.

Emma doesn’t trust her friend, especially since Audrey knew that Piper was her half-sister. In fact, she thinks that Audrey brought Piper to town to hurt her. But Audrey keeps insisting that the only reason she brought Piper to town was to make a documentary about Brandon James.

While Audrey and Emma are preoccupied, Noah (John Karna) gets a text from Zoe ( Kiana Ledé ) asking him to meet her at their special spot by the lake. Excited to see her after their romantic night together, Noah immediately leaves school. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that the Lakewood killer is setting a trap for him. After getting lured into the woods by a couple of texts, a call from the killer on Zoe’s phone finally alerts him to the danger.

The killer jumps out from the woods and stabs Noah in the gut. But the stab wound doesn’t kill Noah. The killer knocks him out, and when Noah wakes up, he discovers that he’s been buried alive.

After not being able to get in touch with Noah all morning, Audrey is suspicious that something happened to her best friend. Her suspicions are proved right when the killer texts a video of Noah to her and Emma.

“How are my favorite final girls?” the killer asks, telling them that if they want to save Noah they have to keep quiet and go on a “treasure hunt.”

With the clock ticking before he suffocates, Audrey and Emma spring into action. However, their broken trust doesn’t help the situation. Emma wants to go to Acosta with the video, but Audrey warns her that the killer won’t think twice about murdering Noah if they do. Instead of going to the police, the two go to check out Noah’s “murder board.”

As Emma and Audrey search for clues that will help them save Noah, Acosta’s out looking for clues that Brandon James is still alive. Another flashback reveals that he helped Maggie bring an injured Brandon James back to the pig farm the night that police shot him by the lake. The two had even buried James’ bloody knife outside his home. He returns to the James’ old pig farm and discovers a secret room upstairs. Although he heard someone walking around, the room is empty — except for old photos of Emma.

Acosta tells Maggie about the discovery and expresses his concern that Brandon James might be back.

“He could be alive,” he says to Maggie. “We don’t know.”

Maggie insists that he’s dead in the woods somewhere, but agrees to try something in order to see if he’s really back.

As Maggie sets out to attempt to contact Brandon James, Emma and Audrey are trying to figure out what the latest clue from the killer means. “What’s really behind Noah’s obsession?” is tacked at the center of his murder board, forcing the teens to think hard about what their friend has been working on. Audrey begins to mull it over as Emma takes a closer look at the killer’s note. It’s actually written on the back of a copy of a letter that Audrey addressed to Piper. The letter calls Emma a “princess b----,” and says that they “need to bring her down.” Needless to say, Emma’s shocked at the discovery — especially since Audrey denied bringing Piper to Lakewood for the sole purpose of hurting Emma.

Emma doesn’t tell Audrey what she discovers, but the note helps her think about the latest clue. She decides to look behind Noah’s actual murder board and finds a plastic baggie containing a daffodil. Emma doesn’t know what it means, but Audrey does. The killer is trying to lure them to old horse stables that the used to go to as a kid.

On the drive to the stables, Emma decides to show Audrey the letter she discovered. Audrey tries to defend herself, but Emma tells her to stop. She’s tired of all the lies. Meanwhile, Noah is growing weak inside the coffin. He begins to hallucinate Zoe, who tells her boyfriend that everything will turn out alright.

Emma and Audrey begin to search the building and the surrounding fields. They find a decaying body of a pig but no trace of Noah. Surprisingly, the killer decides to send them help. He calls Acosta anonymously to tell him that someone has been going out to an abandoned barn. He says that there are “screams” and “squeals” that make it sound like someone is being gutted.

“Maybe you can make it stop,” the killer teases.

As Acosta heads to the stables, Emma and Audrey begin to panic and pass the blame at each other. It’s there that Audrey finally comes clean about something. The reason why she hates Emma is because Emma “broke her heart.”

“I love you, okay?” Audrey yells. “And you broke my heart. The worst part is you didn’t even know you were doing that.”

That quiets Emma, and in that moment the old friends hear Noah’s voice. He’s deliriously singing to himself, allowing Emma and Audrey to trace where his voice is coming from. They move the pig carcass and dig up Noah’s coffin. It’s after they remove Noah from the ground that they hear Zoe’s voice. Underneath the coffin is a tiny box with a cellphone inside. A video of Zoe is on the cellphone, showing her with her “Lady of the Lake” sash in a box filling up with water. Even though Noah is still losing blood, the trio drives to the lake to save Zoe. They discover a box by the water, but by the time they get there it’s too late. The box is full of water and Zoe is dead. The video on the phone is not live, it was recorded to trick them.

The episode ends with Acosta discovering the pig carcass, which is missing a heart. He calls for backup, and other officers find Mr. Branson’s (Bobby Campo) severed hand. The recent events make Maggie realize that an old friend could be behind the murders. After making sure that Emma is safe after picking her up at the lake, she goes to a tree outside of the house. Brandon James used to leave notes in a hole in the tree for her. A flashback shows that the last note written to her said “Don’t forget me.” Maggie leaves a new one in the tree, this one saying, “Stay away from her.”

But is Brandon James going to respond? Episode 10 concludes with Eli (Sean Grandillo) watching Maggie from the trees.