Who will the killer target next on “Scream”? The body count is at four thanks to episode 3 of MTV’s new TV Series. But the dangerous murderer has no plans on stopping there. The mystery will deepen in episode 4 when Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) receives a clue about the Brandon James case.

The synopsis for episode 4, titled “Aftermath,” is short and sweet. “A mysterious message sends Emma and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) in search of answers,” the description teases. But what kind of message does Emma receive? Based on the promo video it looks like the killer wants her to learn more about Brandon James.

Emma receives a yearbook from 1994 in the mail with a note written inside. “The truth lies where the mask was made,” it says, leading Emma to check out a photo of a mysterious old student. Who is it and how are they connected to Brandon James? Emma enlists the help of Audrey and Noah (John Karna) to figure it out.

Still in shock over Riley’s (Brianne Tju) brutal murder, Noah and Emma are willing to do anything to find the person responsible. Audrey’s on board to get paypack for Rachel (Sosie Bacon). But their desire to find the killer could place them in a dangerous situation. They break into an old hospital to search for more clues. However the hospital also appears to be the killer’s lair.

Meanwhile, a sneak peek video gives “Scream” viewers another look at Jake (Tom Maden) and Will’s (Connor Weil) weird friendship. The two were at odds in episode 3 after Will took their “blackmail” money as a form of encouragement for Jake to shut down Nina (Bella Thorne) and Tyler’s (Max Lloyd-Jones) operation. This week they appear to be on better terms with Will announcing to his BFF that he got into Duke. The only problem is that Duke is not offering a scholarship. We have a feeling that we know what Jake is going to suggest …

Episode 4 of “Scream” will air on MTV on Tuesday, July 21 at 10 p.m. EDT.