Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) received another haunting call in episode 2 of MTV's new TV series, "Scream." MTV

It’s only episode 2 of MTV’s new TV series, “Scream” … but the bodies are already stacking up. The second episode of the slasher show based off of the 1996 cult classic continued on Tuesday and revealed that no one was safe from the masked killer.

The episode kicks off with Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) girlfriend, Rachel (Sosie Bacon), reading nasty responses on the video that Nina (Bella Thorne) posted. Although the video of Rachel and Audrey kissing was removed, the comments on the video were not. The teen has a history of cutting herself and breaks out her razors to inflict some self-harm. However, Rachel gets distracted when she gets a phone call from Audrey … or is it Audrey?

Audrey’s voice sounds off on the phone, and Rachel starts to get scared when she hears banging noises. Audrey tells her to walk outside, but Rachel doesn’t see anyone. The only thing on her balcony is a rope tied to the post. Rachel pulls the rope and discovers a noose on the end. In the blink of an eye, the masked killer that got Nina throws the noose around Rachel’s neck and pushes her off the balcony.

Crime geek Noah (John Karna) gets pulled in for questioning by Sheriff Clark (Jason Wiles) the next day. However, the only thing that the Sheriff has on Noah is that he has an interest in the Brandon James mass murder. The real suspect in the murder of Nina is her ex-boyfriend, Tyler (Anthony Rogers). But what the police don’t know is that Tyler was killed before Nina.

It’s a regular school day in a town where a murder took place. The students can’t stop talking about it, and the reporters camped outside aren’t helping. The latest new face to get involved? A crime blogger named Piper Shaw (Amelia Rose Blaire) who runs a podcast called “Autopsy of a Crime.” Fortunately for Piper and the other reporters, it looks like the killer is happy to brag about his murder. The entire school gets a text from the masked killer: “PAYBACKS A B---H.” And that’s not all. The text is accompanied by a photo of the mysterious murderer standing in front of Nina’s bloody body in the pool.

The photo puts the town of Lakewood on the map, which is “exciting” for the students. However, this only makes the case that much more complicated for the police – the mask connects Nina to the Brandon James murderers that happened 20 years prior.

Nina’s murder is still unsolved, but now the police have a new case on their hands – Rachel’s. Her parents discover her body hanging from her ceiling fan. Due to her history with depression, it looks like a suicide. However, “Scream” viewers know that she didn't kill herself.

Meanwhile, Piper is continuing to do some digging around Lakewood and reveals an interesting piece of history about Emma (Willa Fitzgerald). Fans already know from episode 1 that Emma’s mom, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), is the girl from 20 years ago that Brandon James was obsessed with. But now we know a little bit about her father, Kevin – he was the sole survivor of the Brandon James attack.

Emma asks Piper to give her privacy, and Piper obliges. However, someone has an obsession with the teen. As she closes up the coffee shop one night, a mysterious man in a hoodie appears in the alleyway outside. When the door to get back inside closes behind her, Emma’s forced to take a piece of plywood to defend herself. But before Emma can face the hooded figure, her estranged boyfriend Will (Connor Weill) conveniently shows up. He claims that she sent him a text asking him to meet her at the coffee shop, but Emma denies sending the message. Although Emma’s not ready to forgive Will after he admitted to hooking up with Nina, Will tells her that he needs her – especially for the big basketball game.

Emma goes to the game to support Will, and runs into the hot new student she kissed at Brooke’s (Carlson Young) party, Kieran (Amadeus Serafini). Kieran tells her that Will’s playing her and probably set up the hooded figure act in order to play the hero. Emma doesn’t know Kieran well, but she begins to doubt Will.

Kieran and Emma
Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) found himself drawn to Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) during episode 2 of "Scream." MTV

Episode 2 of “Scream” concludes with Emma at home when the house alarm goes off. She finds the kitchen door open and receives a phone. Emma’s relieved to find a man from the security system on the line … or is it? He tells her that a patrol car is on the way, and Emma asks him to stay on the line while she waits. However, she quickly discovers that the security man is not who he says he is.

“You do look tired … sound tired,” he tells her. Emma finds a window open and locks it, prompting her phone buddy to tease her.

“Did you just lock me in … or out?” he asks.

Emma threatens to hang up and call the police but the caller keeps her on the phone.

“I know that everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you,” he tells her. “Your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family, your w---e of a mother. It started with her, Emma … but it’ll end with you. See you soon.”

The “Scream” murder count so far:

  • Tyler – decapitated
  • Nina – throat cut and body tossed in the pool
  • Rachel – hanged