Things seem to only be getting worse for Emma (Willa Fitzgerald). In a sneak peek video for MTV's “Scream” episode 5, Brooke (Carlson Young) is talking to Jake (Tom Maden) in the coffee shop, where it is revealed that the two of them are hiding something from Emma about their freshman year. This comes right after a video leaked of her “first time” with Will (Connor Weil).

In the sneak peek, Jake continues to be creepy as he orders a large cup of coffee and a cup of ice. He then drops the ice into the hot coffee and refuses to order an iced coffee because he “likes to torture the ice.”

Brooke wants to change the way she lives her life and be more honest about things, or as Jake puts it, “Less b----y, more truthy.”

“Someone has to tell Emma what really happened freshman year,” Brooke says. Jakes responds by telling Brooke that she can’t do that to Will because he’s at a breaking point.

It looks like Brooke has reached hers and says she can’t keep lying to Emma, who it turns out is pouring coffee at another table and overhears Brooke say it. Emma asks what Brooke has been lying to her about and Jake turns and tells Brooke to do what she has to do.

Watch the sneak-peek video from “Scream” episode 5 below.

The synopsis for episode 5 is brief. “Emma learns a heartbreaking secret after a scandalous video leak,” the description teases. But what will that secret be? And will Brandon James claim a fifth victim in episode 5?

“Scream” episode 5 airs Tuesday, July 28 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. What do you think is the secret their hiding from Emma? Sound off in the comments section below!