Scream Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne (pictured) stars as Nina in the opening scene of MTV's "Scream" TV show. It's a role similar to the one Drew Barrymore played in the 1996 slasher film. MTV

Get ready to jump out of your seat. On Tuesday, June 30, MTV is premiering its brand-new series, “Scream.” Based on the 1996 slasher film, the TV show introduces a new set of teenagers haunted – and hunted – by a masked killer. But while the premise may be similar to the movie, it’s also modernized – as seen in the recently released first eight minutes of the show.

The video clip introduces viewers to a mean girl teen named Nina (Bella Thorne). The character sets up the murders in the small town of Lakewood – similar to Drew Barrymore’s minor role as Casey in the original movie. Although the characters serve the same purpose to introduce the masked killer, they are also very different. Check out the comparison below:

The Phone

The phone plays an important role in both the movie and the TV show. In the movie, the killer, Ghostface, first makes contact with Casey by calling her (repeatedly) on the phone. MTV’s version of “Scream” modifies that a bit, using video messages and texts on Nina’s cell phone to establish the threat.

The First Kill

Casey isn’t Ghostface’s first kill in the movie, and Nina’s not the first in the TV show. For Casey, her poor boyfriend Steve had the misfortune of running into the killer. Steve ends up bloody and tied up on Casey’s back deck. Ghostface slices open his stomach when Casey fails to get one of his horror pop-culture questions right (Who is the killer in “Friday the 13th”? The answer is Mrs. Voorhees, not Jason.)

The TV show switches that up a little bit. Nina receives texts from her “friend” Tyler (Anthony Rogers), who had just helped her record a video of a fellow classmate named Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). Tyler wants to go into Nina’s house with her, but the teen shoots him down, saying she simply needed his tech abilities to post the video of Audrey kissing another girl online. Nina thinks Tyler is the one who's been haunting her ... until Tyler’s head ends up next to her in her Jacuzzi.

The Death

Both Casey and Nina get stabbed, but their killers have other plans for them. Casey ends up hanging from a tree, while Nina’s body gets tossed into the pool after the killer cuts her throat.

The Call For Help

If only they could have called 911. Casey is stuck on the phone with Ghostface, which makes it nearly impossible for her to call for help. Nina, on the other end, tries dialing when she discovers Tyler’s head. Unfortunately for her, her fingers are wet from the Jacuzzi and she’s unable to unlock her cellphone. When she tries to use voice command to call the police, the phone dials “Pottery Barn.”

The Parents

Casey might have been saved if her parents had found her in time. While trying to escape from Ghostface, she discovers that her parents are pulling up to the house. Ghostface gets to her first, though. He stabs her in the chest and starts to choke her before she’s able to get herself free. She’s only a couple feet away from her parents, but she's unable to yell for help. Ghostface ends up grabbing her and stabbing her again while her unwitting parents walk inside. They immediately know something is wrong when they discover the chair thrown through the back door and the popcorn on fire on the stove. When Casey’s mother goes outside to go to a neighbor’s house, she discovers her daughter hanging from a tree.

Like Casey, Nina’s parents are out of town. But they aren’t just around the corner. Shortly after the killer pushes her into the pool, Nina receives a phone call from her mom.

Catch “Scream” when it premieres on MTV on Tuesday, June 30, at 10 p.m. EDT. Watch the first eight minutes below and compare it to the opening scene from the 1996 movie:

"Scream" TV Show First 8 Minutes With Bella Thorne:

"Scream" Movie First 5 Minutes With Drew Barrymore: