Seagate has announced that it has created a 60TB solid-state-drive (SSD), which is the largest capacity SSD to date.

Seagate’s 60TB SAS SSD just trumped Samsung’s 15.36TB SSD which was just announced last week. Seagate managed to quadruple what Samsung was able to accomplish and was also able to house it in a 3.5-inch body. Seagate first showed off the 60TB SSD during this year’s Flash Memory Summit.

The 60TB capacity is so massive that it would be able to store 400 million photos or even 12,000 movies, according to The Verge. Unfortunately, Seagate’s 60TB SSD will only be sold to businesses that need high capacity storage for data centers.

“Given the demands on today’s data centers, optimal technologies are those that can accommodate an immense amount of data as needed — and without taking up too much space,” Seagate Technologies said in a press release. “As such, we are constantly seeking new ways to provide the highest density possible in out all-flash data center configurations.”

The drive itself has a design that’s very accessible. Businesses will be able to easily swap out their old drives with this new one, and they will also be able to easily scale up the 60TB storage up to 100TB in the future, according to Engadget.

As of now, the Seagate 60TB SSD is only available for demonstration. The company said that it plans to start selling it some time in 2017. It has also made a partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise which should help the company move forward into the mass production of the SSD.

Seagate has not revealed how much the 60TB SDD is going to cost, but the company did say that it will offer “the lowest cost per gigabyte for flash available today,” according to ZDnet. To give everyone an idea of how much the Seagate 60TB SSD will cost, Samsung’s 15.36TB SSD costs $10,000 per unit.