Part two of “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” premiered on Lifetime Saturday. The two-part television movie, starring Kelli Garner as the iconic actress, explores Monroe’s personal life, focusing on her struggles with depression and her relationship with her mentally ill mother. The movie is a candid look at one of the most popular figures of the 20th century.

Here are 15 things we learned about Marilyn Monroe from night two of “The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe” Lifetime movie:

1. When Marilyn first met Joe DiMaggio (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) she was over an hour late to dinner. Marilyn also thought he was a football player.

2. In 1953, Grace McKee (Emily Watson) killed herself with pills after being diagnosed with cancer.

3. Soon after Grace’s death, Joe proposed to Marilyn. He insisted on going with Marilyn to visit her mother, Gladys (Susan Sarandon), and ask for her blessing. At the hospital, Gladys told Joe that Marilyn was not able to have kids.

4. In 1954, Marilyn attempted suicide by taking Grace McKee’s methamphetamine pills. Joe insisted that it was just an accident.

5. Frustrated that she was not receiving more complex roles from the studio, Marilyn left town to visit Joe’s family, threatening to quit the business. When her bluff paid off and she gained more control over her scripts, Joe was furious, having believed she was quitting to start a family. During a fight, he hit Marilyn for the first time.

6. Marilyn and Joe got into another fight after she filmed her classic scene from “The Seven Year Itch” where her white dress gets blown by a subway grate. Joe, feeling embarrassed, physically abused her again.

7. Marilyn divorced Joe and married playwright Arthur Miller. Marilyn got pregnant while married to Arthur. However, she later had a miscarriage.

8. Marilyn found one of Arthur’s journal entries open on his desk in which he referred to her as an object of pity and their marriage as a mistake. Marilyn was deeply wounded by the discovery.

9. Marilyn was angry when Arthur’s script for “The Misfits,” in which Marilyn was slated to star, unflatteringly depicted the couple’s personal life.

10.While still married to Arthur, Marilyn began sleeping with Joe DiMaggio again, despite protests from her friends.

11. Marilyn Monroe arranged to get a divorce from Arthur on the same day as John F. Kennedy’s inauguration so that reporters would be distracted.

12. After meeting President Kennedy, Marilyn became convinced that that the two had a connection and that Kennedy was going to leave his wife. However, her calls to the White House were routinely ignored.

13. Marilyn became very paranoid later in her life and worried that her house was bugged and that her enemies were trying to poison her via her mail.

14. While in New York, a doctor had Marilyn admitted to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. Joe DiMaggio ended up arranging for her to be released. When she got out she found out that her mother had attempted suicide.

15. In 1962, Marilyn died after overdosing on pills and alcohol. Her mother outlived her by 22 years.