Secret Service Scandal: ‘Pley Club’ Columbian Prostitute Party Was Pre-Planned [VIDEO]

The Secret Service agents currently embroiled in a Colombian prostitution scandal apparently did some advance planning before arriving. The presidential bodyguards booked a party space at the Hotel Caribe before heading out to hit up a few Cartagena nightclubs, hotel sources told ABC News.

The source revealed that the men visited the now notorious Pley Club, where they drank expensive whiskey, bragged about working for President Barack Obama, and were serviced by the club's prostitutes. Apparently the night didn't end there. The Secret Service agents brought women from the Pley Club back to their hotel, picking up some additional escorts from other brothels along the way.

In total 11 Secret Service officials were involved, plus military personnel, according to Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who revealed that around 20 Colombian women were brought back to the hotel. ABC reported that the secret service men told hotel staff they were expecting a party of roughly 30 people when they booked the space.

The party went out of bounds the next morning when there was reportedly an argument between one Secret Service man and a prostitute, who claimed she was owed more money for spending the night. The argument continued until the authorities were eventually called, blowing the lid on the entire sordid affair.

The Secret Service has stated that one supervisor involved will be allowed to retire while another has been proposed for removal for cause. A third non-supervisor has resigned. The remaining eight agents embroiled in the scandal are still on administrative leave. The Secret Service has also widened the scope of their investigation. They are now looking into the possibility of drug use during the party, according to ABC.