Following the cliffhanger ending in Season 2, episode 4 of ABC’s “Secret and Lies,” Eric finally learned who Danny was and he’ll now learn his other secret. 

At the end of the episode, Eric (Michael Ealy) discovered that Danny (Kenny Johnson) was actually a detective, after Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) came to his house unannounced and revealed his true identity. According to the latest preview for episode 5, “The Daughter,” the reveal may cost Cornell her job.

Detective Cornell will also make Eric’s search for his wife Kate Warner’s (Jordana Brewster) killer a little harder. The episode promo states that Cornell will reveal more of Kate’s secrets to Eric, who will then begin to question the motives of everyone around him.

Eric will learn that Kate had taken $100,000 out his savings account and Cornell will reveal that Kate had a credit card charge for a private DNA lab. “I married a woman I knew nothing about,” Eric says in the promo.

With new information at hand, Eric and his brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett) will pay a visit to someone from Kate’s past, and that someone will reveal an “astonishing secret.” While we don’t know what the secret is, it could perhaps have something to do with Kate feeling bad for Liam (Graham Phillips) because of his scammer past. 

As for Danny, with the bond between him and Eric now broken, he will make a “last-ditch effort” to try and gain Eric’s support back, as he continues the search for his missing daughter Rachel.

“Secrets and Lies” Season 2, episode 5, will air on ABC on Sunday, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. EDT.