Remember that crazy thing you said you wouldn’t do until hell froze over? Well, now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is because even Hell couldn’t escape the wrath of the polar vortex.

The recorded temperature in Hell, an unincorporated area in Michigan, was -9 degrees as of late Tuesday morning. With wind chill factored in, it felt like -37 degrees in Hell, according to Accuweather.

The National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning for Hell until 7 a.m. EST Wednesday, cautioning that wind chills will remain -35 degrees until Tuesday night and between -15 and -25 degrees on Tuesday.

“Exposure to such bitterly cold conditions will cause frostbite in a short period of time,” the NWS warned.

The wind chill warning means a combination of very cold air and strong winds will create “dangerously low wind chill values,” according to the NWS. “This will result in frostbite and lead to hypothermia or death if precautions are not taken.”

The polar vortex wreaked havoc on air travel and plunged temperatures more than 20 degrees below zero in some parts of the United States. The phenomenon occurs when polar air is pushed south. While this is a common occurrence, it’s unusual for the air to be pushed as far south as it is now, which is creating the frigid temperatures.