The MTA has launched a new curbside fare payment for Select Bus Service on 34th Street. As part of the new service, The M34 and M34A Select Bus Services have replaced the M34 and M16 local service.

Ninety percent of people using 34th Street at rush hour are in a bus or on foot and these enhancements make the street work better for everyone, said Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Select Bus Service has improved travel times and increased ridership in the Bronx and on Manhattan's East Side and we're bringing the full package of improvements to 34th Street to create a bus network that New Yorkers can depend on.

Select Bus Services operate in dedicated bus lanes. Passengers using Select Bus Services must pay before boarding the bus or they face a $100 fine.

The pay before you board system was developed to cut down on boarding times. On traditional buses, passengers paid on-board. At rush hour, on-board payments cause congestion. Pay before you boards systems are aimed directly at combating such congestion.

Select Bus Service is proving to be a success wherever we install it, said Mayor Bloomberg. Travel times go down, ridership increases and safety improves with Select Bus Service. We expect to see the same positive results here on 34th Street and we will continue to look for more opportunities to expand this great service.