Selena Gomez, the Disney pop princess at the state fair grandstand Saturday night has proved that her fans have taken the trip with her.

The 19-year-old with her four-piece band, two backup singers and four dancers, have won over the 10,000 crowd in Timonium from the first notes of the first song, “A Year without Rain.

The pop star tickled the fans with her moves. Her fans not only stood up on their seats, but they also danced on the seats.

Fans followed her each and every arm movement like the “Round & Round.” Raise it up high. Circle it.

Her “Falling Down” song recalled that it was the first hit for her and the band that came in 2009.

The songs from the movie hit “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” to “Naturally” continued to bring joy to the boisterous crowd. She closed with “Magic. And for her fans it was a Magic!

Gomez, between sets pitched for the fact that August has been chosen as the Month of Giving for UNICEF. She said that for Bangladesh it is the 40th anniversary of the Concert.