Selena Gomez was named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine, and is on the cover of the December issue.

"Woman of the Year — I didn't even know I was a woman! I'm very honored ... and it's a very, very big deal to me. I'm going to hold it close to my heart,” Gomez told the magazine.

Dressed in a low cut gown, wearing red lipstick and surrounded by red balloons, the young celebrity seemed to dispel the rumors that she and boyfriend Justin Bieber were breaking up in her latest spread.

Last week, a source told Radar Online that the 20-year-old actress and singer is only staying with him because he is "good for her brand."

“Dating Justin is good for Selena's brand. Together they're a brand!" the source explained. "Everyone in Selena's camp is aware of Justin's star power and is urging her to make it work with him.

Meanwhile, Oprah released a preview clip last Thursday morning’s "Good Morning America" of an interview she did with Beiber. In the clip, the 18-year-old discusses his relationship with Gomez and has nothing but sweet things to say.

“We just sometimes … we gotta take back exits," he said. "I never make [Selena] separate from me because I don’t want her to ever feel like I’m ashamed of her. Because I feel like a lot of guys do that, especially in the business. 

"They don’t want to be seen with the girl, so they’ll make them ride in separate cars. They’ll do that ‘get away’ stuff. [Selena and I] get away we’re … you know … getting away together,” Bieber told Oprah in a preview of his Oprah’s "Next Chapter" interview.

Gomez mentioned nothing to Glamour magazine about the couple breaking up. Instead, she commented on how she understands why Bieber’s fans are always so protective of him.

"I adore his fans. I would never, ever want to disrespect them," Gomez said. "You know, I get it: I was obsessed with Jesse McCartney growing up! He was my world. My high school crush. So I respect it, and if anything, I admire it."

Check out the rest of her Glamour interview here.