The terrifying scene of a self-destructing Antarctic iceberg has been captured by tourists.

Seeing icebergs in the Antarctic region is a common phenomenon, but seeing a huge iceberg self-destruct, with icy chunks flying out close to passengers in an inflatable boat, has left them shaken and horrified. Some of the passengers, who saw the last moment of the iceberg with the flying debris of ice, screamed out with fear.

Dutch video editor Lex Coppoolse, who captured the footage in Wihelmina Bay, Antarctica, told the Daily Mail: The thing just exploded very close to our boat - or I should say imploded! It spat big chunks of thousands year old ice to our heads.

Seeing the video, some people left comments saying, It is a natural occurring event, or It must be warning of 'global warming'.
The video of 'Exploding iceberg in Antarctica!' has gone viral on YouTube. Check it out below.

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