On Sunday, several politicians appeared on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” to voice their opinions for and against military intervention in Syria. Among them was a Democrat strongly opposed to military intervention in Syria.

Senator Tom Udall, D-N.M., a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, voted no against intervention in Syria. On "Meet The Press," Sen. Udall voiced his continued opposition against military intervention, “I think the most important thing is we -- we all know first of all, what he did, Bashar Al Assad, was a heinous act. It’s despicable. My heart is broken when I see the video and you see woman and children dying as a result of chemical weapons.”

Sen. Udall continued, “I think it’s pretty clear that he did this, but the big question for the Congress right now is what is the most effective way to move forward? I think the American people don’t want to be embroiled in a Middle Eastern civil war.”

Sen. Udall emphasized that the United States hasn’t exhausted all diplomatic, political and economic alternatives to military action.

He also expressed disappointment that the Obama Administration hasn’t focused on rallying other countries to intervene in Syria, “I’m very disappointed that the administration has given up. They have given up on the United Nations and on rallying the world.”

Sen. Udall then proposed a couple of questions regarding the future of United States intervention, “How are we going to be effective in the future? How are we going to save lives?”

Sen. Udall added, “I don’t think a couple of tomahawk missiles delivered in on top of the Syrian military are going to do that.”

Watch Sen. Udall’s full interview in the video above.