Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade is set for a run-off vote against rival Macky Sall after failing to secure an outright majority in Sunday's presidential elections, it emerged Thursday.

Elderly Wade, 85, gained 34.8 percent of the vote while rival and former protégé Sall came in second with 26.6 percent, Reuters reported.

The result, which is yet to be confirmed by Senegal's election authorities, means the pair will face each other in a further vote three weeks after the results are finalized.

I'm sure the desire for change of the Senegalese people will give me the victory in the second round, Sall told supporters, according to Reuters.

Wade's re-election campaign sparked violence in the usually placid country, with rivals claiming his third bid for office violated Senegal's constitution.

The incumbent President countered the claims, saying the two-term election limit only became law after he started his second term in office.

According to international observers, Sunday's poll was calm and well-organized, with a total turnout of 51.6 percent of those eligible to vote.

Third placed Moustapha Niasse, another former President, has now become the focus of attention as his 13.2 percent vote makes him a potential kingmaker between the two rivals.

But despite Niasse ruling out support for Wade, he has stopped short of endorsing Sall.