The spouses continued meeting in “Seven Year Switch” Season 1, episode 6, and it was clear there was jealousy. While some couples were envious of their spouses’ recent vacations, other couples were concerned about how close their husbands and wives had become. “Some degree of jealousy is healthy in our romantic relationships,” psychologist Jessica Griffin says. But did any of them cross the line into unhealthy amounts of jealousy?

Meeting the Spouses

The episode picks up where last week left off with the participants meeting their spouses’ experimental husbands and wives. Leah Carney and Aleshia Osemwengie’s confrontation reveals some new information. “Not only do you have what you guys went through with the infidelity, but now he wants kids,” Aleshia says. This is news to Leah. She says she and Neal Carney agreed not to have kids when they started this experiment. She was concerned about what he was telling his experimental wife.

The two exchange stories and advice. Aleshia breaks down in tears when Leah recommends date nights. She has tried to plan things for her husband, but he bails and seems unappreciative. Leah also reveals she refuses to be Houston Osemwengie’s housewife. She forces Houston to clean up after himself.

“Houston isn’t as much of a gentleman as Neal,” Aleshia says. “It just makes me realize that he’s a little more selfish than I knew.”

Neal and Houston also have a tense conversation. Neal says he is distracted by work a lot, and Houston says he has the same issue. However, there isn’t too much bonding. When Neal says Aleshia is a good woman, Houston is defensive. “If he wants to try to push up on my wife, I wish him luck,” Houston tells the cameras.

Leah and Houston

Houston tells Leah he is similar to Neal, but he notes that Neal wants kids. Leah is still surprised Neal is telling everyone but her about this. Leah tells him Aleshia doesn’t feel appreciated, but Houston thinks their issues are “apples and oranges.”

Leah takes Houston down to the beach to meditate. She tells him to focus on balance. That night, they seem to be getting along very well, but Leah isn’t so sure about her real marriage. “I’m confused. Like, what are we going to do? I don’t know,” Leah says.

7YR Hou Leah Houston and Leah meditated in "Seven Year Switch" Season 1, episode 6. Photo: FYI

Aleshia and Neal

Aleshia tells Neal about her conversation with his wife. Neal says Leah has said she might consider having children, and he is surprised Leah was adamant about not having kids. Aleshia also tells him he shouldn’t be hard on his wife about her looks. Bodies change and he’ll have to deal with that even more if they have kids.

Later, Dr. Jessica checks in with Neal to see how he is coping. He says meeting Houston wasn’t helpful. He notes he and Leah are suddenly on different pages about the subject of kids. However, he is closer to forgiving his wife for cheating. Dr. Jessica tells him forgiveness could make their relationship stronger.

On the last day of the experiment, Aleshia and Neal say a lot of nice things to each other. “If I was single, I would definitely want to get to know you better,” Aleshia tells him. Neal agrees, but that isn’t the case. He asks her about what will change when she goes home. She says she’ll use her voice more.

She also thinks Leah will definitely appreciate him more after spending two weeks with Houston, but she really hopes Houston shows some appreciation. “If Hou hasn’t learned anything, if he hasn’t changed, then I don’t know the outcome of our marriage,” Aleshia tells the cameras.

Meeting the Spouses

Eric Wolf confronts CW McGee about his “recharge days” when he schedules time not to communicate with his wife, but CW thinks they are necessary. CW recommends a few ways Eric can show Danielle Wolf he cares. Eric realizes CW and Danielle have grown very close. “I feel like Danielle and CW are establishing too much of a connection. It hurts,” Eric says.

Eric tells CW he and Rachel McGee went to dance classes, an anniversary gift he was supposed to fulfill years ago. CW reveals he was planning to do classes after the experiment, but he is crushed when Eric reveals they already went to the lessons.

Eric is hurt again when he discovers that Danielle went snowboarding with CW. Rachel also is upset by their trip. That was her dream trip with her husband, and she also thought drinking together crossed a line. Danielle reveals how equally upset she and Eric were were when they discovered Eric and Rachel did Dr. Jessica’s staring experiment, where the couples had to stare into each other's eyes for 4 minutes without speaking. Both wives break down in tears.

Rachel explains to Danielle that Eric has been opening up to her. Danielle immediately feels jealous, and Rachel also worries about how close her husband is getting to his new wife.

7YR Eric Rachel Eric revealed that he took dance classes with Rachel in "The Seven Year Switch" Season 1, episode 6. Photo: FYI

Eric and Rachel

Rachel reveals details that CW left out. She tells Eric CW and Danielle’s snowboarding adventure was in Big Bear where Eric and Danielle got married. Rachel was upset Danielle got to have all of these firsts together.

“We shouldn’t have even done this in the first place,” Rachel says. “He’s really playing the role that he plays in our marriage with her.” Rachel and Eric both worry about their spouses having an affair.

On the last day of the experiment, Rachel has Eric role play with her. She advises him to stop disregarding Danielle’s feelings and gives him tips about how to communicate more effectively. “If I married someone like Eric, I might be pretty thankful to be with such an easy-to-live-with guy,” Rachel tells him.

Eric gives Rachel some advice that isn't as well received. Eric thinks Rachel focuses too much on herself when she speaks. Eric says he spends most of his time listening, and he wonders if CW might feel the same. “On the one hand, I get what he’s saying,” Rachel says. “On the other hand though, Dr. Jessica told me to ‘unmute’ myself during this experiment.”

Still, the two finish their last night on a good note when they go out to dinner. It’s the thought of seeing CW that concerns Rachel. “I don’t know what I’m about to hear and I know it’s probably going to hurt,” Rachel says.

CW and Danielle

This couple doesn't have much drama after meeting each other's spouses, but on their last day, CW and Danielle reflect on how close they've grown. “I feel like CW has taught me so much. He is so just understanding and insightful,” Danielle says. “He was able to pretty much save me.” Danielle admits she also feels a little guilty about their relationship.

“I just didn’t know a relationship with someone like Danielle would be quite this incredible,” CW says. “But I do, at times, miss Rachel.”

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