Seven Year Switch
CW McGee and Danielle Wolf worried about getting too close in "Seven Year Switch" Season 1, episode 5. FYI

The marriages might be experimental, but one temporary couple did something very permanent. They got tattoos together. FYI’s “Seven Year Switch,” a reality show from the producers of “Married at First Sight,” puts struggling marriages to the test. Couples switch spouses for partners that have qualities that they think they’d prefer in a significant other. After two weeks, they’ll decide to recommit to their marriage or get divorced. In episode 5, the experimental couples bonded even more before meeting each other's real spouses.

CW and Danielle

These experimental spouses continue to have a lot of fun together. CW McGee and Danielle Wolf went shopping, and Danielle decided that they should dress each other up. “It’s great to have a partner to grow and learn and discover new things with, and I don’t get that with Rachel,” CW says.

Psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin sees the couple and asks them to stare into each other’s eyes for a few minutes without talking. CW refused because he felt like it was too intimate. The psychologist reveals that their spouses are paired together and had no problem doing the staring exercise. CW and Danielle were stunned. Dr. Griffin also reveals that they’ll soon meet each other’s spouses.

Eric and Rachel

After their Catalina trip, Eric Wolf and Rachel Farris are feeling pretty relaxed and open around each other. Rachel reveals that she was once given an anniversary gift for dance classes, but her husband CW ended up blowing off the classes. She never got her first anniversary gift. Although Eric is not comfortable dancing, he decides to take a dance class with her. He’s not a world-class dancer, but Rachel is beyond thrilled that he even put in the effort.

Dr. Griffin sees the experimental couple and asks Rachel if she still feels “muted.” Rachel says she doesn’t feel silenced at all because Eric is always so relaxed. It isn’t until Dr. Griffin reveals that she’ll meet Danielle that Rachel gets nervous.

Meeting the Real Spouses

Rachel and Danielle start off with a hug, but end in tears. Rachel immediately admits that she worries about CW connecting with Danielle too much. Danielle confirms that they are definitely getting close and they trust each other. She tells Rachel that they got close in Big Bear and then Danielle starts crying. She reveals that Big Bear is where she and Eric got married. She also reveals that she and CW had margaritas, which is something Rachel said that they weren’t going to do. Suddenly, it’s Rachel’s turn to cry.

Eric and CW’s meeting didn’t get a lot of air time. CW said he wasn’t happy that they looked into each other’s eyes for the exercise, but fans won’t see Eric’s response until next week.

Houston and Leah

Houston Osemwengie and Leah Carney aren’t on great terms. She tells him to make his own breakfast. Aleshia always makes meals for her husband, but Leah isn’t as accommodating as his regular wife. Leah is also frustrated because she doesn’t feel like she is getting anything out of the experiment.

Houston, however, feels he is getting a lot out of the experiment. To remember the experience, he even gets a tattoo that says, “Love Yours.” Leah decides to also get some body art. She gets “yes abba” tattooed on her wrists. She says it means “yes God” in Aramaic, and it’s meant to remind her that she is meant to follow God’s will. “It’s not God’s will to do this to my husband,” she says.

She sits down with psychologist Dr. Dan Shapiro and says that she doesn’t really miss her husband. She is letting her husband do whatever he needs to forgive her for prior cheating. Shapiro points out that she has issues to work on, but Leah says the problems are from Neal. She feels like she has to wait for her husband to work on his communication skills. By the end of their session, she says that she knows there is work for both of them to do.

Neal and Aleshia

These two are quite comfortable together as they sip some cocktails by the pool. Aleshia Osemwengie asks Neal Carney if he wants to get back together with Leah, and he says that they both need to forgive each other. He discloses that he has said some things that really hurt his wife.

“With Leah gaining weight, it really stunted my interaction physically with her,” he explains. “Me being a shallow man, I would taunt her and try to encourage her to work out.” Aleshia says that she didn’t realize that Neal had been mean to his wife, and she suddenly understands where Leah’s issues come from.

Neal continues to be very honest when Dr. Griffin stops by to talk to them. Neal reveals to her that he saw other people after he and Leah separated (after Leah cheated). He says that Leah considers them even, but he is still angry that she cheated.

Dr. Griffin reveals that they were paired with each other’s spouses, and Aleshia isn’t happy that Houston was paired with someone who cheated.

Meeting the Real Spouses

The wives said they liked each other’s husbands, but Aleshia quickly seemed to offend Leah when she brought up what Neal said about her weight. “You still look great,” Aleshia said. Leah didn’t take it as a compliment.

The husbands didn’t get much screen time, but things looked tense. Houston immediately asked about the sleeping situation and didn’t seem pleased that there was only one bed. Fans will have to wait until next week to see if meeting each other's spouses gets any less awkward.

Seven Year Switch” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on FYI. Do you think Leah should put more effort into the experiment? Sound off in the comments section below!