States in the Southern U.S. are choked by an extreme heat wave this year. In around 15 states, the temperature reached a record high. In Little rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, it sored to a record high with 114 degrees.

All the water reservoirs are evaporating due to the extreme climate.

Several cities in Texas recorded consecutive days of 100 Fahrenheit heat. Dallas had 34 continuous days of scalding heat above 100 Fahrenheit.

A head advisory has been issued for the 2000 mile stretch from Massachusetts to Oklahoma. "July was the hottest month ever in Texas," Cnn cited climatologist John Neilsen Gammon as saying.Texas is in the midst of the most severe drought on record.

This temperature is likely to continue for the next couple of weeks over the eastern half of United States, the National Weather Service said.

The heatwave is responsible for at least 34 deaths in ten states. Many people are not used to this extreme heatwave in the country. Global warming and climatic changes have worsened the effects of heatwave this year. It has also led to several climatic changes all over the world.

In New York City and Michigan, blackouts were instituted to help ease the overworking power plants due to immense increase in power supply.

Here is a compilation of pictures from all over the country reflecting the heat wave this week: