“Shahs of Sunset” may be on only the second episode of season four, but the drama is already on another level. And according to the cast, it's only going to get worse. It's hard to believe they could top last week's jacket-stealing, back-scratching brawl, but they did.

Last night Golnesa Gharachedaghi, known to most as G.G., stirred things up when she revealed a well-kept secret to Reza Farahan, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Mercedes Javid. According to the 32-year-old, a close friend of the group, Mike Shouhed, tried to get her into bed during a trip to Turkey last season. Mike was, and still is, in a relationship with Jessica Parido. Although they were shocked, the group agreed to let G.G. handle the situation on her own, vowing to stay out of it.

Mike addressed these rumors head on during an interview with ET. The 37-year-old dismissed G.G.'s claims as being made up.

“It's America people are free to say whatever they want about whoever they want, and she did,” he told host Denny Directo.

If you think that was wild, wait until you hear what the cast had to say about the rest of the season. During their telling interview, the “Shahs” revealed that viewers should expect a lot of major life changes and even bigger drama as two cast members prepare to take the next step in their relationship and the rest just try not to kill each other.

“There are some accusations flying this season,” Mike revealed.

Though the real estate mogul has already found himself at the center of some of those accusations, it's sure to be a good season for him and his now-fiancé, Jessica. With her conversion to Judaism complete, Mike was free to finally commit to his longtime girlfriend – and boy, did he ever. Last night viewers got a look at the gorgeous 4-carat cushion cut diamond he will use to pop the question.

Since the pair got together, the group has often questioned Mike's commitment. Now, four seasons in, the Bravo TV veteran has decided to take the plunge and, fortunately for us, the cameras were there the whole way.

“I committed to this project three years ago, good, bad, the ugly,” he said. “This was something that was real in my life, and I wanted people to see the evolution of myself and my relationship.”

Mike isn't the only one who switched up his relationship status this season. Reza, who got engaged to boyfriend Adam Neely in Season 3, also chronicled his journey toward the aisle for the Bravo TV cameras. This season viewers will get to join Reza as he enjoys his last night as a single man – and, of course, gets into a little trouble.

“His bachelor party was a night where he got so drunk like you've never seen him get that crazy before,” Mercedes told ET's cameras. “You might have overheard me saying there was sex in the champagne room, so he might have gotten in a little trouble with Adam.”

Though the cast has promised plenty of drama, they also assured Directo nothing can break this tight knit crew apart. As they've said countless times, this cast is far more than a random group of well-off Persians living the dream in sunny California. They're a real group of friends, dealing with the drama as it comes to them.

“It was a really difficult season, and like we said before, we're the type of people that go there,” Asa said. “But I think it weirdly brought us closer together.”

“Shahs of Sunset” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.